Avengers Endgame Time Travel Concept

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, I just haven’t much to say. But I think this is something worth talking about. I saw Avengers Endgame around the weekend it came out and I’m glad I did, cause the the spoilers were really flowing, some things did spoil it for me, but I still loved it. I literally laughed and cried, I was on the edge of my seat, I was throwing punches, I was whispering to myself “Kick his ass!” or “Come on, come on, come on!” One of the funnest movie experiences. But there was one thing I didn’t understand



As you know, in the movie, our heroes try to time travel to retrieve the stones so they can reverse the snap. Their plan involved getting the stones, snapping their fingers, then put the stones back where they found them. Only problem is, Thanos in the past becomes aware of their plan and jumps to the future to recover the stones and do the snap again which leads to the epic final battle ending with Iron Man snapping his fingers with the stones and wiping out Thanos and his army. The flaw I see in this story is that, if Thanos goes to the future from before he snapped his fingers and dies in the future, then he wasn’t around in the past to snap his fingers in our past. How does that work? According to the directors:

“The Hulk says if you’re in the present and you go back to the past, you cannot affect the present because it has already occurred. That now becomes your past. Right? And if you’re [currently] in the past, this is now your present. And anything you do in that time shift would create a multiverse reality. It will create a new future, but it’s not going to affect your past.”

Which goes back to how I argue with T2 explaining how preventing the war will not stop Connor from being born, but I argue that in Terminator, the timeline will no longer exist, which is probably for the time GPS that the Avengers, that was used to help them return to the “their” timeline which we will call the “Endgame Line”. So in other words, every time period they went to, started a new line, I argue this because in New York with Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Hulk, Loki got away. Yet in Asguard with Thor and Rocket, Loki is still in prison. Which must mean that New York and Asguard are two different multiverse timelines. So Thanos used their time GPS to come to the “Endgame Timeline.” But they still had to return to the stones, because like the Ancient One said, Doctor Strange needs the Time Stone to fight Dormammu in that timeline. So technically, they didn’t go to the past and return to the new future, they jumped from line to line.

But one thing the directors don’t comment on, if every era they went to started a new line,  how does Cap meet up with them from the past into the present. That’s very simple, the past with Howard Stark, Hank Pym, Peggy Carter, and the Space Stone on the army base, that however is not a different line, that is still the “Endgame Timeline”, that was supposed to happen, all the eras they went through were “interferences” that’s how Cap was able to live out the rest of his life in that past and meet up with his friends in the present. That’s how I see it. Look at this way, I argue how Terminator 1 and Terminator 2 work: T1 was part of a design, Kyle Reese and the Terminator arriving in the past was always meant to happen, however in T2, that was not part of the design, the Terminator in T2 and the T-1000 was an “interference” starting a new line.

That’s just how I see it and it makes sense to me. But I have a unique perception of time travel. Take what you will from it, that’s what I believe.



I just thought of something that will help me very well with something I’m very passionate about. See, for many years, I’ve argued with people on what is canon and what is not in franchises like Alien, Predator, Terminator, or Star Wars. People have argued with me about stupid stuff, like that elements were in novelizations are considered canon with the movie they’re adapted from. One time I argued with someone about how the T-1000 travels back in time in Terminator 2 when it’s liquid metal and not living tissue. I theorized that the T-1000 covers itself in a living tissue cocoon that it sheds off later. But one person argued that according to the Terminator novelizations, they cover themselves in some kind of lotion. I tell them that I don’t go by novelizations, and they get really offended saying it’s canon whether I liked it or not or some BS like that.

I remember a heated debate over Lance Henriksen’s character in Alien3 and Alien vs. Predator. I said that the man at the end of Alien3 played by Lance Henriksen, credited as Bishop II, was the descendent of Charles Bishop Weyland in Alien vs. Predator. All we know was that he designed the Bishop android, considering we didn’t even know his name in Alien3 or his connection to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, it’s open to say that he could’ve been a Weyland. But fans who read the Alien3 novelization say that, in reality, that he was really an android designer named Michael Bishop and was not a Weyland.

But it’s not just novelizations, comic books and video games. I’ve often had fights with people about the Predator culture which had been established in comic books about what is the true interpretation. One person hated the 3rd movie Predators because it ignored all the Predator material in the expanded universe.

My argument was on these subjects that, if you’re working with a movie franchise, the movies outrank the other material. I’m not saying they’re bad stories, I’m saying that once they make a new movie, they will ignore those stories. They don’t research every piece material saying that “we can’t do this because it contradicts this book not everyone has read.” Take Star Wars for example. Ever since Disney bought Star Wars, they ignored all the stories that followed Return of Jedi, which I was fine with, because I wanted fresh stories that weren’t restricted by those stories I had no interest in.

But here’s what I have realized. Continuity is subjective these days. People can decide what they want to be considered canon, and I think that gives power to the fans. Take Halloween for example, Halloween has three different continuities: The Thorn Continuity of Halloween 1, 2, and 4-6, the H20 Continuity with Halloween 1, 2, H20, and Resurrection, and 2018 Continuity which is just Halloween 1 and Halloween 2018. People can decide for themselves what is the true canon. And they don’t have to consider all the movies of each timeline, for example, I like Halloween 1, 2, and H20, I don’t have to consider Resurrection canon. It’s called “headcanon.”

Headcanon is an empowering thing for fans to have their own opinion on what stories they accept as canon. Maybe those who don’t like the Disney Star Wars movies can consider everything before the Disney stories are canon, and that’s their right to it. Take me for example, I love the Alien franchise, but I only love Alien and Aliens, I hate Alien3 and I’m not crazy about Alien Resurrection either, so my headcanon in the Alien franchise is Alien, Aliens, Prometheus, and Alien Covenant. People can have their own, no one should be told “this story doesn’t count” like that guy who hated Predators, he can consider all the stories that proceeded Predators and consider Predators non-canon. Again, it’s empowering for fans to decide that for themselves. No one should be allowed to consider a story they don’t like canon. I think my brothers, Wyndham, Weylin, and Wallace, taught me that. Thanks guys.

DC Universe: Don’t Reboot, Deboot

I’ve talked before about “deboots.” Coined by the Simpsons, a deboot is a sequel that pretends that the previous movie or movies never happened, like the new Halloween movie that came out recently.

I just wanna start by saying that I am a huge DC fan, I grew up watching the DC cartoons; Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, The Batman New Adventures, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. But it breaks my heart that the DC movies are terrible films compared to the Marvel movies. I will defend Man of Steel to the very end, but a lot of people hated it. Batman vs. Superman was a colossal disappointment. I haven’t seen Suicide Squad or Justice League, but I haven’t heard good things. But I have heard that Wonder Woman and Aquaman are pretty good films, and it saddens me that they are small gems in a universe of crap.

So here’s my solution, pretend that Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League never happened, and start off from Wonder Woman and Aquaman with a new Batman and Superman movie leading to a new Justice League. I got the idea from when I heard that the new Bumblebee movie was going to be recalibrated as a reboot to the Transformers series. That might not be true, but again, sounds like a great solution. Not to mention, Henry Cavil and Ben Affleck are quitting as Superman and Batman, so just pretend their movies never happened and start off with new actors and new stories. That’s just what I would do, don’t think it will happen. I’m just saying Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League makes us DC fans look bad and I think this is the best solution. Keep the good ones, reboot the rest.

The Predator Improvement

You’ve already seen my review of The Predator. The main problem I had with the movie was that the motives of the Fugitive Predator. It indicated that he came to Earth to give us what turned out to be a weaponized Predator armor called the “Predator Killer” to help us fight the Predator. But it makes no sense because if he came to help us, why is he killing everyone in sight? Doesn’t sound like someone who came to help us. This is how I think it could’ve been improved.

Maybe instead the Predator Killer armor wasn’t meant for us. Predators said that there are two types of Predators, like the difference between dog and wolf, the Predators and the Super Predators. The Predator also showed another Predator who juices himself with DNA of the great prey, which would explain where the Super Predators came from. But again, I feel only the Predators who don’t play by the rules should do that, not normal Predators. But the point is, the Predators and the Super Predators are at war with each other. Maybe the Predator Killer was a weapon that the normal Predators invented to combat the Super Predators, and the Upgrade Predator wanted to take it for him and the Super Predators, so the Fugitive Predator was trying to keep it from getting in their hands. So the goal of the story is get the Predator Killer armor and kill anyone who could use it for themselves, Predator, Super Predator, or human. Which might bring a hunt theme to the story, a little.

Another idea is, maybe the Fugitive Predator was killing people because he was testing people. He was trying to find a worthy warrior to wield the Predator Killer armor. He couldn’t just give it to just anyone, he had to find someone who was skilled enough to to wear the armor. That could have worked.

It’s not perfect, but it would’ve made the movie more logical. That’s just how I would try to fix it.

The Predator My Review

I went to see The Predator a few days ago. I knew it was probably gonna be a recipe for disaster, but I was sure “I” was going to like it, because I’ve loved all the Predator films, even AVP. Maybe not AVPR, but the Wolf Predator in AVPR was badass. But in the end. I don’t think it turned out like I wanted it to be, probably because of constant rewrites and reshoots, or maybe it was just a bad idea to begin with.

I mean, the problem I see for this movie was that, it broke the formula of the other movies, and not in a good way. Most films that break the formula don’t work out, sometimes it works out, like Alien and Aliens, or Evil Dead and Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. For example, Terminator Salvation broke the formula of the Terminator movies and I thought it was cool, despite its flaws. But, nobody else liked it, and that’s why Genisys went back to the old formula. Take the Friday the 13th movies, Jason Goes to Hell broke the formula and that’s why it sucked, Jason X may have been set in the future, but at least had the same formula. That’s my opinion regarding Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X, one broke the formula and the other had a stupid idea, but still kept the formula. The formula for Predator is “the hunt”, and this film felt that there was no “hunt” of the story. Predator was the basic principle of an alien hunting mercenaries in the jungle, Predator 2 a Predator hunting cops and gangs in a city, AVP Predators who have lured humans down to the pyramid to breed the Aliens so they can hunt them, AVPR a Predator who has come to hunt the Aliens that have escaped a crashed Predator ship and cover up all the evidence, and Predators humans being dropped on an alien planet to be hunted by Super Predators. All these films are consistent, The Predator didn’t seem to have that formula. I can’t even describe it. I mean, it seems to be about a Predator who comes to give us something can help us against the Predators.

One problem is, if the Fugitive Predator came to Earth to help us, why is he killing every human in sight? I mean, it kinda has the hunt where you have the Upgrade Predator who came to hunt the Fugitive Predator kill anyone who gets in his way. But again, doesn’t make much sense, and the Upgrade Predator didn’t show up until half way through the movie. I know there were ideas where humans and Predators team up, which I thought would be a great idea, but I guess some people prefer Predators as villains, even though its possible to negotiate with a Predator since they’re sentient. But also the, the Predator Killer at the end seemed WAY too advanced for the Predators for my taste.

One thing I liked about it was, it had great character development and characters. I loved the characters and the dialogue, that I will give it credit for. I also like that they were saying about Aspergers, because I myself have that condition, I liked that little boy, I also like that they were saying that the condition was more of a next stage in evolution. Even though it might not be true, probably not. But I think it was a nice to think about that.

I just wonder, could it have been better, was the original cut better, or was it just bad to begin with, and like I said, just didn’t have the formula of the other movies? I kinda hope to see a Director’s Cut of The Predator just to see “could it have been better?”

What The Engineers Could Have been

I heard about this game called Scorn, which was inspired by H.R. Giger art work. I’m sure you know who Giger is, if you don’t, he’s the guy who designed the Aliens. The thing about his art is that it looks like a mix of bio organic material and machinery, people have described it as “biomechanical”, you don’t know where the organic and machinery begins and ends. That’s what Scorn is, it’s like some bizarre world where the lifeforms and the technology kinda merge with each other, the machinery is organic as well. It’s so cool.

I kinda wish that, that is what Prometheus’s Engineers should have been. In Alien, the Space Jockey skeleton looked like, the characters even comment on that, “looks like it’s grown out of the chair” like the chair and the skeleton were merged together. When Prometheus was being made and it was gonna focus on the Engineers, I thought their world and technology was gonna be a biomechanical world where their technology and world could merge with the Engineers. It didn’t work out that way. Not even in Alien Covenant.

The way Scorn looks is what I think it could have been. I think that was a missed opportunity.

Future of Aliens and Predator Under Disney

There’s a rumor going around that Disney is not gonna pursue any Fox projects that are not family oriented, which has scared people to think that this is the end of the Alien and Predator franchises. I was a little worried about that myself. But I think we might be overreacting. I don’t think that Disney is just gonna take the Alien and Predator franchises and put them in a box and forget about them. I mean, they’re both profitable franchises, and if they’ll make money, they’ll probably do them. I mean, sure the last Alien movies didn’t really do well, but neither did the last two Terminator movies and they’re still making make more. Maybe under different studios and different continuities, but they’re still making them. I think what they’re probably gonna do is simply make more movies, but keep the Fox logo to release them under, like how they release the Avengers movies under Marvel Studios or the Star Wars movies under LucasFilm, notice you don’t see the Disney logo at the beginning of either of those franchises. Or, they’ll probably just sell the rights to someone else. Not to mention, don’t they have parent companies so they can profit from non family oriented movies like TouchStone?

Point being, I don’t think this is the end of the Alien and Predator franchises, I’m sure something will get them back on the big screen. Like the Jurassic Park line “life finds a way.”