Scream 4 Character Poster (Backdrop)

I wanna talk about something I like. I love Slashers, but I also Whodunnits. Slashers are cool to see monsters movies about big guys with masks or small guys with scars or unique weapons, real or supernatural monsters killing people. But I love Whodunnits cause I love when it’s a mystery of “who is behind that mask?” Scream is the best example of a Slasher/Whodunit who has succeeded, critically and financially. There have been other Slasher/Whodunits, like Urban Legend 1 and 2, My Bloody Valentine the original and the remake, Prom Night, Terror Train (which I haven’t seen yet), The Town That Dreaded Sundown Reboot, or even Psycho II, which after recently seeing, wasn’t all that bad. There are other Slashers like Friday the 13th or I Know What You Did Last Summer, but those really don’t count, considering that the killer isn’t someone you can guess. I heard that they’re actually remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer, maybe it will actually be a whodunnit. I mean, I don’t know the basic plot of the new movie, but it could be same basic principle, teens get into an accident, end up killing someone, cover it up, and then someone starts stalking them saying he knows what they did and killing them one by one. And the best part, the killer is someone you can actually guess. That would be fun to me. I read up on some of the book, found out how it could’ve made both a good slasher and a whodunnit. Everything about it was fine, until we find out the killer wasn’t someone we’ve met prior. Where’s the fun in that? Unfortunately, they’re not gonna make it like the novel, so I don’t know how they’re gonna do it. Point is, I wanna see more Slasher/Whodunnits, they’re more fun that way. I guess I like them so much because I love slashers, and I grew up watching mysteries with my dad. God I miss those days.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Continuity

Leatherface 3

While we’re on the subject of Texas Chainsaw Massacre I wanna talk about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre continuity, or lack there of. It seems like every movie has a continuity problem, this franchise is pretty much like the Godzilla movies. The Godzilla movies in Japan, pretty much every sequel they make pretty much becomes a direct sequel to the original film from the 50s. The there was the original continuity that ran from the 50s to the 80s, then they pretty much rebooted it with a new series that went into the 80s to the 90s. Then pretty much every Godzilla movie in the 2000s was a direct sequel to the original, or so I’ve read, correct me if I’m wrong. The American Godzilla are a total other continuity.

But enough about Godzilla, the point is, every TCSM movie seems to be a direct sequel to the original. There was the original and it’s sequel, which had the return of the cast member Jim Siedow who played The Cook who he was credited in the original and in its sequel was giving the name Drayton Sawyer, along with the rest of his family Bubba Sawyer (Leatherface), Nubbins Sawyer (Hitchhiker), Chop-Top Sawyer, and Grandpa Sawyer.

The third movie is titled Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. You’d think being titled as TCSM3 would mean it follows the same canon as the first two. But it doesn’t seem to, considering that Leatherface got a chainsaw to the gut at the end of the second movie, doesn’t seem likely he could survive that. I mean, I know it’s a slasher, but TCSM was kinda based on reality, so to speak. Course, Leatherface got it in the gut and was still pressing on the final battle. But still. Also, the prologue of the third movie said that a Sawyer named WE took the fall for Leatherface’s killings. And Leatherface has a leg brace after the chainsaw cut him at the end of the first, yet he didn’t have it in the second. Not to mention they call Leatherface Junior instead of Bubba. But the third movie had a cameo from actress Caroline Williams who played Stretch from the second movie. Also, the second movie had the quote “The Saw is Family” which was also engraved on Leatherface’s new chainsaw in the third.

Then there was Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, made by one of the writers of the original, which you’d think it would be in good hands. It wasn’t. According to IMDB, this was supposed to be a sequel to the first movie only that the Hitchhiker was gonna be alive gripped after being run over by a truck, but they changed that with a prologue explained “two other minor events” referencing the second and third movies, but again, the continuity doesn’t seem to add up between films. They didn’t seem to eat people, they ate pizza instead, and Leatherface dressed as a woman, instead of being called Sawyers they were called Slaughters, and they seem to work for some kind of organization that kills people. WTF? Pretty much the only good that came out of that movie was Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger.

Then we got the remake and it’s prequel, which I don’t think were bad films, I actually enjoyed them a lot. But they really don’t count because they actually have a steady continuity and it’s okay for it to be different because it’s a remake continuity. It’s not the Sawyers, it’s the Hewitts, Leatherface in particular named Thomas Brown Hewitt.

Then you have the newest one, Texas Chainsaw. This one definitely retconned it’s predecessors, considering that it takes up right after the first left off with all the Sawyers being killed and Leatherface escaping into hiding for 40 years. Despite being in a different continuity, they keep the family’s name, Sawyer, and the leader of the clan named Drayton. Leatherface being named Jed Sawyer in this one, and he and Heather were the only surviving Sawyers.

Now, there’s a new TCSM movie coming out soon, a prequel to the original simply titled Leatherface, which tells the origin story of how Leatherface became the chainsaw wielding skin mask wearing cannibal we know and love. Now, the working title they put online was called Texas Chainsaw 4, which gave some people the impression that it would be set in the canon of the first, second, and third film. It seems hard to connect the second and third movie, but not impossible, unlike the other films, cause Next Generation and Texas Chainsaw seem to stand out the most. What also lend credence to the theory is in the credits on IMDB, an actor is credits as Nubbins, the Hitchhiker from the first whose name was revealed in the second movie only. But then again, Drayton Sawyer still had that name in both the second and Texas Chainsaw despite being in separate continuities. The movie might just end up being like the others, a direct prequel to the original and retcons all the others.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But the franchise as a whole is just a disaster, in my opinion the worst slasher franchise. Again, there’s nothing wrong with the original, it’s one of the greatest, but all of the films combined is a nightmare. They’re probably will never be an official explanation. Again, you probably just have to choose which sequel you like the best and consider that continuity. In my opinion, the third movie was the best sequel, but if it retcons the second movie, it shouldn’t be called TCSM3. The second movie took it in the wrong direction with the comedy, the Next Generation was just stupid, Texas Chainsaw could’ve been good but failed miserably, and I love the remake and its prequel.

That’s all I have to say. I think I’m gonna make me some dinner.

Texas Chainsaw 3D Review: It Makes No Sense At All

Texas Chainsaw


Now, I haven’t watched this movie since it came out, but I’ve been bothered by it since I saw it. See, I’m a slasher fan and I went to see Texas Chainsaw (I didn’t see it in 3D, I think 3D is stupid) and I was really hoping to like it. I started off good with the Sawyers being killed by an angry mob of vigilantes, one of them taking one of the Sawyer’s baby. The child is raised into the young girl Heather (Alexandra Daddario) into modern times. There’s our first problem right there. Alexandra was in her late 20s when that movie came out and Texas Chainsaw Massacre was made in 1974, even if she was a baby at the time, she still would’ve been closer to 40, and she wasn’t. That’s a mistake right there. Anywho, she learns that she’s inherited a house from an aunt, now, we know that her adopted parents sucked, but she goes and finds out about her real family. When they arrive, her best friend screws her boyfriend when she wasn’t looking, it’s important. They discover Leatherface living in the basement, and he kills her friends and she escapes. She tells the police, and the mayor, who was the leader of the angry mob back then. The mayor and the sheriff discuss Leatherface, or Jed Sawyer, his real name and leave Heather alone with the police file.

This is where it takes a turn that doesn’t make any sense. She reads it and learns of her lineage, and instead of being disgusted that she’s from a family of crazy cannibals who kill and eat people for no reason, she gets away and writes “murderers” on one of the pictures. WTF! Who are the real murderers?! The family of cannibals who kill and eat people for no reason or the angry mob who killed the cannibalistic family?! I mean, I don’t condone vigilante violence, but I wouldn’t side with the cannibals. And then, to make things worse, she talks to the lawyer who gave her the house, he explains that Leatherface is her cousin. And after that, she feels perfectly fine that he just killed her friends and boyfriend. It’s almost like:

Heather: “Oh my god, a chainsaw wielding maniac wearing a human face for a mask killed my friends.”

Lawyer: “He’s your cousin.”

Heather: “Oh that makes it okay.”

And then at the end, she and Leatherface team up, throwing him his chainsaw saying “Do your thing cous!” and kill the mayor. She decides to stay with Leatherface, care for him and he will protect her.

I mean, the concept makes sense. But the could’ve written a better reason as to why she would side the cannibals and Leatherface after he killed her friends. I mean, I know her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend. But she didn’t know that. The only way could’ve known, was when they’re running from Leatherface and noticed that her boyfriend was shirtless and her friend was pantsless and wearing her boyfriend’s shirt. But how can you notice when you’re running from a chainsaw wielding maniac wearing a human face for a mask? I mean seriously, were her adopted parents that bad to her that she reflects more with a family of cannibals? I mean, what the hell? Doesn’t make any sense at all.

Again, could’v worked if it was flushed out better, but it wasn’t, it didn’t make a muck of sense.

Terminator Salvation Original Potential

Battle Damage Marcus

I had read somewhere that the original concept for the story of Terminator Salvation was conceived to follow the pattern of the original Terminator movies, which was to protect someone important, in the 1st it was Sarah Connor, in the 2nd it was John Connor, and the 3rd John Connor and his future wife Kate Brewster. In this case, Kyle Reese and not involving time travel instead protecting him now post-Judgment Day. Now, I can’t find where I read that but I could see the potential in that story.

For staters, Skynet knows shit about Kyle Reese. See, Connor is still not the leader of the Resistance and maybe we keep the signal idea. But Connor wants to find Kyle Reese, but he doesn’t know how to find him. Kate says, “are you sure you wanna do this?” and John says, “we need to find him. He must survive or I will never exist.”

Then we cut to Marcus waking up with no idea where he is or what’s going on. He walks through the post-apocalyptic world and finds Kyle Reese and they team up to try and find the Resistance. They fight off Terminators and HKs until Kyle is captured by the Terminators. Marcus teams up with Blair to find John Connor and rescue Kyle. Marcus saves Blair from the scavengers. They make it to Connor’s base, but Marcus steps on a landmine. Suddenly, Marcus is knocked unconscious. Marcus wakes up with Connor asking him all these questions like, “What are you doing here? Did you locate your objective?” Marcus doesn’t know what’s going on. Marcus realizes that he’s a machine, but still thinks he’s human. Connor says that he programmed Marcus to find Kyle Reese for him, but as a surprise to both Connor and Marcus, neither realized that Marcus didn’t know he wasn’t human. Marcus tell him that Kyle Reese is heading for Skynet.

Connor decides to disassemble him and figure out how to get inside Skynet and rescue Kyle Reese, again, Connor can’t convince Command not to bomb Skynet. Blair breaks Marcus out and Connor goes to stop him. Marcus rescues Connor from the Hydrobot and Connor isn’t sure if he can be trusted since he doesn’t understand Marcus’ program. Marcus says he can get Connor inside Skynet and they team up to rescue him.

Connor is relieved of duty, Connor convinces the the Resistance to stand down, and heads for Skynet. Marcus walks through Skynet. Marcus helps Connor get inside Skynet, when Marcus passes out. Skynet awakens him. Marcus asks who he is, Skynet explains that he’s a prototype infiltrator, built with human memories to make him a better infiltrator and that Connor reprogrammed him. Skynet explains that the signal was a trap and kills Resistance Command. Skynet says that he was perfect to the termination of John Connor. John discovers a T-800 waiting for him. Marcus goes to save Connor and Kyle Reese, and he does.

Now, whether he should be a Terminator Hybrid, I mean, that can work, or Marcus could be a normal Terminator. I could go either way. With the hybrid idea, he has his human memories and he can still gives his heart to save Connor. But the main point is, Skynet is mostly focusing on his signal plan. Skynet realizes his infiltration prototype, reprogrammed by Connor helped him terminate Connor, but it came back to bite him. That’s one idea of how to do it.


Aliens Colonial Marines Videogame Reboot

ACM Poster

I was thinking about what could’ve been done to improve the Aliens Colonial Marines game. Everything that shouldn’t go wrong went wrong with that game: campaign, graphics, gameplay, AI, everything.

First of all, the story was kinda lame considering that Hadley’s Hope should’ve been crater since the explosion at the atmosphere processor was compared to the size of Nebraska. Yet in Colonial Marine it barely had a scratch on it. Also, as much as I hate Alien3 and love Hicks, bringing him back was a copout. If they wanted to bring back Michael Biehn they might’ve been better off just retconning 3 and 4, or made Michael Biehn a brother of Hicks. It was easy to bring back Lance Henriksen as Bishop, cause there are probably a lot of Bishop androids.

The Aliens weren’t much of a challenge and weren’t scary. It should’ve been a FPS survival horror. You know, like Doom 3. They should’ve made it like Doom 3. So yeah, AI sucked and should be more challenging than annoying, and it should be be a surprise on where the Aliens will pop out.

This is how I would do it:

You play a group of about 12 Marines in route back to Earth. You would be able to customize your Marine to be a male or a female and customize your armor. You’d be referred to as the Corporal. Kinda like how in Mass Effect how you choose between a male or fem Shepard. Your ship has picked up an SOS, which is strange since there are no colonies in this area.

You guys go to investigate and find a massive Weyland-Yutani facility completely deserted. You find a few survivors, most of them claim they don’t know what’s going on. You discover that facility was built around an Engineer (Space Jockey) temple filled with Alien eggs after they discovered a star map in a cave like in Prometheus. The base is a breeding facility that has been using humans to breed the Aliens. You learn this from one of the survivors who claims to be an environmentalist who infiltrated the facility to find evidence against Wey-Yu.

Then the shit hits the fan and your Lieutenant and Sargent has been killed. So you take command and must lead the Marines out of this hell hole. You literally have to lead, you command your Marines to do things. Each Marine has a skill that can help you get through this mess. You’re have to seal off areas, make a stand and escape. Again, like Doom 3 but with a unit.

But the Aliens are smart and very sneaky, you never know when they’ll attack, even when you think your safe they could be lurking around somewhere. I wonder if they’re should be safe zones you can seal off to hold up, but you gotta check the area to account for any kind of entrance for the Aliens. And the game is very dark, the Aliens are lurking in the shadows.

You have to protect your unit, you have 12 Marines and you have to make sure they get through alive. You can survive without them, but the more you lose the harder it gets. Each has their own little skill that can help you survive. Strength in numbers. One thing Colonial Marines got right was the idea of having to hold up your motion tracker to know where the Aliens are. You also have to be on the look out for ammo cause you could run out and then you’re screwed.

Super Aliens. I don’t know if I wanna do that. Like maybe there’d be some Alien bosses. But unlike Colonial Marines, these have a better explanation on where they came from. The best explanation for different kind of Aliens are Aliens that were cocooned with animals, such as an Alien that birthed from bird so it has wings, or an Alien birthed from a rhino so it has horns. That could be cool.

And of course you deal with Wey-Yu. Also, one of your Marines could be a traitor. In Aliens they always have someone from Wey-Yu to survey, but in this case, we don’t know who it is. So you also have to careful of who you trust. What do you think, too much? Also, if one of your unit gets attacked by a Facehugger, you have to decide whether to dispose of that person or let them long enough to see if they can still help or whether’s hope you can find a way to rescue them. Like maybe in these safe zones there’s a medical bay you can remove the Chestburster. That could be cool.

Also, you could also use the Power Loaders, a lot better than the game. You could use one to find lots of Aliens or use one to fight a Queen, depending on the situation. You know what would else be cool? Getting to drive an APC, that would be fun. One would drive and one would use the guns.

I like to think of this game like a maze, you have to get from place to place in the facility with different objectives you have to get through in order to survive. That’s how I would do it. It should be strategy, scary, and challenging. That’s how I would do it.

Shocker Reboot


I’ve been thinking about the movie Shocker by Wes Craven. I thought it was a great concept, but poor execution. I love the idea of a ghost killer who could come back through electricity to get revenge on those who sent him to the chair.

But the thing I didn’t like about it that didn’t make sense to me, was the main character being clairvoyant or something or the idea of his girlfriend’s ghost helping him. Most of all, how was her necklace his weakness?

I think the movie is one of those horror movies that could benefit from a reboot to make it more interesting and because of modern times, technology has evolved immensely that it could work better.

One thing I’d change was have the main character merely be a witness to Pinker’s crimes instead of him having a vision of him, and maybe there’d be other witnesses. But since they don’t use the chair anymore, we’d have to improvise. I heard of a prison that still has an electric chair, that they keep it in case the law changes where they can use it again. Like, maybe the cops think he’s too much a of monster to die humanely, so they hook him up to the old chair and electrocute him. So he’s also going after the cops, maybe the cops’ kids. Also the main character has to protect his girlfriend as oppose to her dying. I have this vision of electric appliances coming to life, but that might be a little cheesy. I kinda liked the idea in the original movie when the main character and Pinker go inside the TV, but that might not work now a days.

I think this would be a great reboot. But who should play Pinker? I would like Jackie Earl Haley, maybe Jeffery Dean Morgan. Yes, I’m a Watchmen fan. This is just what I would do.

My Animations


I decided to take this time to show you the animated films I’ve been working on for awhile. I recently discovered a series of programs that would allow me to bring my Aliens, Predator, Aliens vs. Predator, Terminator, and Friday the 13th fan fictions to life. It has brought me so much joy and I am so excited to do it. I wanted to show you the short films I’ve been working on:

Aliens Reunion

This is an animated pitch film I made to promote my idea of an Aliens series told with Newt, played by Summer Glau, along with Ripley, Hicks, and Bishop kicking Alien ass.

Predators Alternate Ending

This is an adaptation of an idea I heard about from the original Predators script, I thought it would be cool to do. The original script for Predators called for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he was unavailable, so they wrote him out. If you haven’t seen Predators, I advice you not to watch it.

Alien vs. Predator: Stowaway

This is based on a script I wrote as part of an Aliens, Predator, Aliens vs. Predator animated anthology. Just a simple story of a Predator leaving after his hunt only to discover an Alien got on his ship and the two battle.

And these are just some test animations I did to practice and introduce new ideas.