Spider-Man 3: Improved

I’m starting my theme posts of how to improve movies with Spider-Man 3.

I feel Spider-Man 3 was a recipe for disaster. The problems it had was it tried to squeeze too much into one movie such as the black suit, Venom, New Goblin, and Sandman, I didn’t like Topher Grace as Venom, I didn’t like the idea of Sandman being Uncle Ben’s actual killer cause I feel it went against why Peter became Spider-Man, and they added to much silly stuff like Peter swing dancing and how convenient it was that the symbiote landed right next to Peter’s moped.

One problem was Reimi didn’t want to use Venom, he didn’t like the idea of a villain without a humanity. I say, why do we a need another villain was humanity? Goblin was corrupted by the performance enhancing drug, Ock was corrupted by his tentacles, and Sandman was just trying to help his ill daughter. What makes Venom different and a great villain is the fact that that he has no remorse and is driven by pure revenge.

I had heard the reason why they tried to put too much into one movie is because they were jumping ship, to make 3 their last movie because they didn’t think they’d make a 4th. They could’ve if they would’ve made 3 better.

This is my solution:

1. Split the movie in two: They had considered at one point splitting it in two movies but, again they were probably trying to jump ship. But the idea is to have Spider-Man 3 be all about black suit Spidey, Sandman as the villain, introduce Eddie Brock, and have a little bit of New Goblin.

2. Get a better actor for Eddie Brock: I don’t hate Topher Grace, I just wanted someone buffer and less nerdier. I read that the Eddie Brock they were going for was the Ultimate Spider-Man Eddie who was less buff and more of a nerd. I think a better choice would’ve been someone like Stephen Dorff. He’s a good actor, he’s very fit, and he’s only a few years older then Tobey Maguire. Another problem with Venom is they could’ve had him talk in plural, you know “we” and “us”, like Gollum or something like how he is in the comics.

3. Origin of the Symbiote. They should’ve had the symbiote come from somewhere else then just landing right in Spidey’s lab. My idea was to have the meteor crash somewhere else and brought to Peter’s school for study, and Dr. Connors asks Peter to help study it, where the suit comes out of it and attaches to him.

4. Show more Black Suit Spidey (not black suit Peter): I think we should’ve seen more of the black suit Spider-Man. Show him be more rough to criminals and stuff instead of him being a boy-scout. I even had this idea that like the first movie, they would have a montage of people of the city being interviewed about Spider-Man’s new suit and more violent actions on criminals.

5. Omit Gwen Stacy: I thought I could work with her, but most felt her character was unnecessary, so it think it would be best to take her out completely. Maybe they could’ve replaced her with Felicia Hardy, I can see Felicia being a better romantic competition then Gwen. I mean, I think Bryce Dallas Howard was better suited for that role then Gwen. It’s better then when they considered Anne Hathaway for their original Spider-Man 4 idea, but that’s a whole different kittle of fish. They could keep her as an option for Black Cat. They don’t have to, but they could.

6. Resolve and rewrite Sandman’s storyline. I feel like we didn’t get a proper resolution for Sandman and again they shouldn’t have made him Uncle Ben’s killer. I understand they did it because they really wanted Spider-Man to be corrupted by revenge by the suit. But my idea was, instead why not have Sandman during one of his heists accidentally injures Aunt May putting her in the hospital making Peter very angry because they don’t know if she’ll be okay. She’ll make it of course, but we don’t know that yet. This would have Peter seek revenge on Sandman. Also, I feel like the ending should be Spider-Man going after Sandman after finding out he’s still alive and interrogate’s Sandman’s family, which is something Spidey wouldn’t do not wearing the black suit. Sandman would defend his family and turn into godzilla Sandman and they’d have this awesome fight. Spider-Man would beat him by using fire to turn him into glass or cement to weaken him, which would have Spidey being a lot more violent to him that would make Sandman beg for mercy. In the end, Spidey would realize the suit is corrupting him and to add insult to injury, Harry, in an effort to discredit him after getting a grenade to the face, helped the police contain Sandman and even donating money to Sandman’s family to make his daughter well again so he would never result to stealing. Sandman’s story would be resolved and Spider-Man will be discredited because of his violent actions on Sandman.

7. Save Venom for the 4th: Venom didn’t really get enough time to shine in the movie, felt like they kinda phoned it in. I think the movie should’ve ended the movie with Peter getting rid of the suit in the church, it finding Brock, and him becoming Venom. In other words, the perfect ending would’ve been Brock consumed by the suit, he roars at the camera, then cut to black and roll credits. I just picture this whole storyline for the 4th, where Spidey dons his signature red and blue tides and tries to redeem himself after wearing the blacks suit. While Venom, slowly plotting his revenge on Peter.  He begins with taunts like pushing Peter in front of a train like in the comics since Venom is invisible to his spider-sense, then Venom would make simple destructions around the city and Spider-Man trying to stop, and finally Venom challenging him to a showdown in Time Square where Venom would beat the living crap out of Spider-Man. We’re talking, Bane defeating Batman beating. Spidey would luckily escape with the help of Mary Jane and he would have to go into hiding after that beating, in the same wear-house where he tracked down Uncle Ben’s killer. I even had this idea where, Aunt May, who was a former nurse, would be brought in to nurse Peter back to health and Peter finally telling her he is Spider-Man, only to discover she knew all along after being attacked by Green Goblin and Peter fleeing after seeing Doc Ock. Venom would wreak havoc across the city demanding Spider-Man show himself with Peter helpless to stop him. After a week of recuperating, Venom would then take Mary Jane hostage in the construction site scene in Spidey 3, omitting Sandman, where Peter has no choice but to face him even in his weak state. That’s when he turns to Harry, who has gone Howard Huges after 3, to help him. Which leads to the big showdown with Venom and Harry coming to help fight him.

So, those are my solutions that they could’ve done, I even thought about writing my own Spider-Man 3 and 4 like how I explained to you, maybe just outlines, but it would be fun. If you have any suggestions let me know.


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