New Dinosaur Idea for Jurassic World (Jurassic Park 4)

As you all know, there is a new Jurassic Park movie brewing called Jurassic World. It must mean the dinosaurs are gonna be on the mainland, looks that way from the pitch they showed us.

They should bring in new Dinosaurs, but there’s not many Dinosaurs that are different from the T-Rex or the Raptors. That’s why the Spinosaurus, the Pteranodons, the Compies, and the Dilophosaurus , stand out differently. The Spinosaurus because it is larger, has that fin, and longer arms and claws. The Dilophosaurus has the crest head and neck frill, and spits venom. Compies are small, but dangerous in numbers. Pteranodons are winged flying Dinosaurs, less said about that.

If they had a new Dinosaur, they could draw an idea from a real lizard creature, like the chameleon. Think about it. A Dinosaur with adaptive camouflage, that helps them sneak up on prey. They wouldn’t be completely invisible, but it would be hard to spot them. I can picture that, a scene where are heroes are ambushed by camouflaged Dinosaurs. And any Raptor sized Dinosaur could fit this ability.


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