Batman vs. Superman Theory

I think I figured out how they’re doing the new Batman vs. Superman movie. Lately I’ve been doubting this movie, especially since Ben Alleck has been cast, but I’m going to try and trust David S. Goyer and Zack Synder.

People have been thinking this movie will be a team up to face a common villain. Would be nice, if that does happen, I don’t want the villain to be Lex Luthor. It just bothers me because I really want Lex Luthor to shine in a Superman movie, not a Batman/Superman movie. But anywho, I think this movie, will be a straight up versus movie, where the “antagonist” is Batman. I think they’re going with something similar in The Dark Knight Returns comic book by Frank Miller (not to be confused with The Dark Knight Rises). In the book, Batman has been cleaning up Gotham after the city goes to chaos, the government doesn’t like this, they don’t like Batman doing what they can’t. So they send Superman to take him out and Bats and Supes have this all out battle in none other then Crime Alley (the place where Batman’s parents were killed). That’s what I think Batman vs. Superman will be about. What backs up my theory, is the fact that when BVS was announced, they quoted a line from The Dark Knight Returns.

You can read the comic or watch the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns to understand how Batman vs. Superman “may” be done.

If not, and it’s a team up, please don’t let the villain be Lex Luthor, let Supes and Lex have their own movie and have Batman sit that one out.


2 thoughts on “Batman vs. Superman Theory

  1. Batrepreneur says:

    I think it goes into a similar direction. First, Batman will be the outcast before he teams up with Superman to (likely) fight against Lex Luthor.
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