Conclusions Part 2

I mean, maybe my Halloween idea is not very good. I mean, some might thing it works, but I bet most prefer the H20 canon, I personally think H20 was one of the better sequels. I mean, what more can you do since Laurie’s dead? Course, Laurie’s son John is still alive as far as we know, maybe John would hunt down Michael with the help of Loomis’ granddaughter Dr. Olivia Hunter. Michael is now 56, ever since he killed Laurie he feels he has nothing left, killing his sisters was his whole goal and now that it’s done all he can do is kill women to fill as substitutes. He has been traveling the US every Halloween attempting to recreate the night he killed his sister. So Michael stops in one town stalking a girl that reminds him of his sister, named Jill. He’s slowly making his way to her stalking her and killing everyone she loves. While John and Olivia work hard to figure out Michael’s pattern and track him down before he claims another victim with Jill completely oblivious that Michael has randomly picked her to be his new Laurie.

But the point I’m trying to make is, it would be nice to have a nice conclusion to the Halloween series. It would be nice to have a conclusion to both the Thorn canon (4-6) as well, but I don’t think people bought Michael’s Curse of Thorn thing or it would work in this decade, everything’s realistic. I just have a soft spot for the Thorn canon because I have so much respect for Donald Pleasence (Dr. Loomis) and Danielle Harris (Jamie Lloyd).

Maybe they should bring back Danielle Harris for another Halloween, different character of course, they considered her for Resurrection.



I’ve been watching the Halloween movies lately and it got me thinking. A lot of movie series don’t really have a concluding film, except The Dark Knight Trilogy. Take the Spider-Man trilogy, Spider-Man 3 was not a fitting end to Reimi’s Spider-Man series, they could’ve had a better conclusion before they rebooted it. As much as I like The Amazing Spider-Man, I feel the should’ve made a better conclusion to Reimi’s before rebooting it.

Take Halloween for example, they made 8 movies (10 including the remake and it’s sequel), with two separate continuities. Halloween split into two different canons starting from Halloween 1&2, there’s the Thorn canon with 4-6 and there’s the Laurie canon with H20 & Resurrection. Halloween 1&2 happen on the same night, 4-6 take place years after those two, H20 & Resurrection take place 20 years after 1&2 with no connection to 4-6. Point being is that neither 6 nor Resurrection have a good conclusion to the series of Michael Myers, especially since Donald Pleasence is dead, they killed off Jamie Lloyd in 6 and Laurie Strode in Resurrection. H20 was a pretty good conclusion Michael Myers with Laurie decapitating him, the writers wanted it to be the last film, but the producers kept the idea that Michael switched clothes with someone into the sequel so they could make more movies. It’s kinda sad, it would be nice to make a last film before it’s too late, just like Spider-Man.

Like, New Line one time wanted to make the last Nightmare on Elm Street to be Freddy’s Dead, even had a publicity mock funeral for Freddy Krueger intending not to bring him back. But then made New Nightmare, which doesn’t technically count since it’s set in our world and not the fictional world of Elm Street, but you can count Freddy vs. Jason.

I’m just saying that it would be nice to have a good conclusion to a series, not a stupid one like Alien3 where kill off everyone like idiots. It would be nice to have one last Halloween with Michael Myers killed and stays dead. If it wasn’t for Resurrection, H20 would’ve been the perfect ending to the Halloween series. Maybe they could combine the canons of 4-6 and H20-Resurrection and make a Halloween 9 and last movie, with Michael hunting down his two last living relatives, Steven Lloyd (Jamie’s son in 6) and John Tate (Laurie Strode’s son in H20). I even had an interesting idea of how to kill Michael. 6 says that a constellation that appears only on Halloween nights randomly, so technically it’s Halloween that gives him his power. What if the climax of the story would be our heroes finishing off Michael at the time of Halloween’s end, dawn? They could channel the original Halloween with Steven, who would be 17 at this time filling for the role of Laurie, John trying to hunt down Michael in the role of Sheriff Bracket, and we’d have a son or daughter of Dr. Loomis¬†(I prefer daughter)¬†filling in for his role. They’d be not only trying to protect Steven, but stay alive until dawn when Halloween ends so Michael can be mortal and finally kill him.

The point I’m trying to make is, enough with the never ending number of sequels, at least come up with a good conclusion to end it all before it’s too late. Just don’t do something stupid like kill everyone like Alien3.

How Will The Dark Knight Return?

I’ve been questioning about how they’re gonna do this DC Cinematic Universe. They already got Man of Steel, which I thought was awesome, now they got Batman vs. Superman. They have to do a Wonder Woman movie, reboot Green Lantern, and at least one Flash movie (considering that he has the worst rogue’s gallery.)

But more importantly, how will they do Batman again? Will Batman vs. Superman and the Justice League movies be his only appearances or will they do another Batman canon? Cause how are you gonna top those great performances, especially Heath Ledger’s Joker. They used almost all the best villains, except Ridler, depending on how you handle him. I thought Black Mask might be an interesting villain. But seriously, how will they do this? I do know one thing, if they do do Joker again, considering he is Batman’s best villain so they might have to, they’ll have to wait a long while because of Ledger’s death and the Colorado shootings.

I just think it’s impossible to do another Batman canon, and Ben Affleck isn’t convincing me any better. What can you do better that Nolan hasn’t done already?

Do you think the Batman franchise will return or will he be limited to Batman vs. Superman and Justice League?


I was remembering the movie Scream 2 and there’s a scene where they have a conversation about whether the 2nd Ghostface killer(s) was trying to make a real sequel. Randy said, “Sequels suck, by definition alone they’re inferior films.”, Mickey’s argument, “It’s bullshit generalization, many sequels have surpassed the original.”

Alien vs. Aliens

The Terminator vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Godfather vs. The Godfather Part 2

Star Wars vs. Empire Strikes Back (But Randy says that doesn’t count because it was part of a trilogy.)

But it does bring up interesting topics, there are some sequels that are considered better then the original. These are good examples. but there are others.

Batman Begins vs. The Dark Knight (no contest)

Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man 2

X-Men vs. X2: X-Men United

Night of the Living Dead vs. Dawn of the Dead

Star Trek vs. Star Trek Into Darkness

Any other suggestions?

Another topic that Randy brought up was that “The horror industry was destroyed by sequels.” Which is true, pretty much every horror movie sequels kinda suck. Most horror movies are better off as stand alone movies, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Amityville Horror, The Omen, Exorcist, Saw, Paranormal Activity, Child’s Play. Pretty much the only horror movie sequels people like are the Evil Dead franchise, but that’s only because the sequels are comedies. Though, I think all the Scream movies are decent, but that’s probably just me.

Which brings up the final topic, the fact that the 3rd movie is usually the worst or when it starts getting bad.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Spider-Man 3

Alien3 (I really don’t like that one)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Jurassic Park 3

The Dark Knight Rises (to me was the least best one)

Return of the Jedi (again, least best of the original trilogy)

Course one that breaks the pattern, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which was by far the worst even though it was a 4th movie.

Wes Craven vs. Sam Raimi

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We all know about about the Wes Craven and Sam Raimi rivalry. Those of you who don’t, ever since Craven’s original Hills Have Eyes, the movie had a torn poster of Jaws, indicating that his movie was scarier then Jaws. He wishes. Raimi drew first blood when he had a torn poster of Hills Have […]