How Will The Dark Knight Return?

I’ve been questioning about how they’re gonna do this DC Cinematic Universe. They already got Man of Steel, which I thought was awesome, now they got Batman vs. Superman. They have to do a Wonder Woman movie, reboot Green Lantern, and at least one Flash movie (considering that he has the worst rogue’s gallery.)

But more importantly, how will they do Batman again? Will Batman vs. Superman and the Justice League movies be his only appearances or will they do another Batman canon? Cause how are you gonna top those great performances, especially Heath Ledger’s Joker. They used almost all the best villains, except Ridler, depending on how you handle him. I thought Black Mask might be an interesting villain. But seriously, how will they do this? I do know one thing, if they do do Joker again, considering he is Batman’s best villain so they might have to, they’ll have to wait a long while because of Ledger’s death and the Colorado shootings.

I just think it’s impossible to do another Batman canon, and Ben Affleck isn’t convincing me any better. What can you do better that Nolan hasn’t done already?

Do you think the Batman franchise will return or will he be limited to Batman vs. Superman and Justice League?


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