I’ve been watching the Halloween movies lately and it got me thinking. A lot of movie series don’t really have a concluding film, except The Dark Knight Trilogy. Take the Spider-Man trilogy, Spider-Man 3 was not a fitting end to Reimi’s Spider-Man series, they could’ve had a better conclusion before they rebooted it. As much as I like The Amazing Spider-Man, I feel the should’ve made a better conclusion to Reimi’s before rebooting it.

Take Halloween for example, they made 8 movies (10 including the remake and it’s sequel), with two separate continuities. Halloween split into two different canons starting from Halloween 1&2, there’s the Thorn canon with 4-6 and there’s the Laurie canon with H20 & Resurrection. Halloween 1&2 happen on the same night, 4-6 take place years after those two, H20 & Resurrection take place 20 years after 1&2 with no connection to 4-6. Point being is that neither 6 nor Resurrection have a good conclusion to the series of Michael Myers, especially since Donald Pleasence is dead, they killed off Jamie Lloyd in 6 and Laurie Strode in Resurrection. H20 was a pretty good conclusion Michael Myers with Laurie decapitating him, the writers wanted it to be the last film, but the producers kept the idea that Michael switched clothes with someone into the sequel so they could make more movies. It’s kinda sad, it would be nice to make a last film before it’s too late, just like Spider-Man.

Like, New Line one time wanted to make the last Nightmare on Elm Street to be Freddy’s Dead, even had a publicity mock funeral for Freddy Krueger intending not to bring him back. But then made New Nightmare, which doesn’t technically count since it’s set in our world and not the fictional world of Elm Street, but you can count Freddy vs. Jason.

I’m just saying that it would be nice to have a good conclusion to a series, not a stupid one like Alien3 where kill off everyone like idiots. It would be nice to have one last Halloween with Michael Myers killed and stays dead. If it wasn’t for Resurrection, H20 would’ve been the perfect ending to the Halloween series. Maybe they could combine the canons of 4-6 and H20-Resurrection and make a Halloween 9 and last movie, with Michael hunting down his two last living relatives, Steven Lloyd (Jamie’s son in 6) and John Tate (Laurie Strode’s son in H20). I even had an interesting idea of how to kill Michael. 6 says that a constellation that appears only on Halloween nights randomly, so technically it’s Halloween that gives him his power. What if the climax of the story would be our heroes finishing off Michael at the time of Halloween’s end, dawn? They could channel the original Halloween with Steven, who would be 17 at this time filling for the role of Laurie, John trying to hunt down Michael in the role of Sheriff Bracket, and we’d have a son or daughter of Dr. Loomis (I prefer daughter) filling in for his role. They’d be not only trying to protect Steven, but stay alive until dawn when Halloween ends so Michael can be mortal and finally kill him.

The point I’m trying to make is, enough with the never ending number of sequels, at least come up with a good conclusion to end it all before it’s too late. Just don’t do something stupid like kill everyone like Alien3.


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