Conclusions Part 2

I mean, maybe my Halloween idea is not very good. I mean, some might thing it works, but I bet most prefer the H20 canon, I personally think H20 was one of the better sequels. I mean, what more can you do since Laurie’s dead? Course, Laurie’s son John is still alive as far as we know, maybe John would hunt down Michael with the help of Loomis’ granddaughter Dr. Olivia Hunter. Michael is now 56, ever since he killed Laurie he feels he has nothing left, killing his sisters was his whole goal and now that it’s done all he can do is kill women to fill as substitutes. He has been traveling the US every Halloween attempting to recreate the night he killed his sister. So Michael stops in one town stalking a girl that reminds him of his sister, named Jill. He’s slowly making his way to her stalking her and killing everyone she loves. While John and Olivia work hard to figure out Michael’s pattern and track him down before he claims another victim with Jill completely oblivious that Michael has randomly picked her to be his new Laurie.

But the point I’m trying to make is, it would be nice to have a nice conclusion to the Halloween series. It would be nice to have a conclusion to both the Thorn canon (4-6) as well, but I don’t think people bought Michael’s Curse of Thorn thing or it would work in this decade, everything’s realistic. I just have a soft spot for the Thorn canon because I have so much respect for Donald Pleasence (Dr. Loomis) and Danielle Harris (Jamie Lloyd).

Maybe they should bring back Danielle Harris for another Halloween, different character of course, they considered her for Resurrection.


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