Sci-Fi Horror

I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite movies like Alien and The Thing. I love sci-fi horror films, but they are very scarce. I also like some other sci-fi horror films such as Event Horizon, Pandorum, Pitch Black (I think it’s a sci-fi horror). I wish we could have more of those, some kind of new film that scares you and brings something new. Alien brought as an alien that gestates inside a human, The Thing brought us the scare of someone you know could be an enemy in disguise, Event Horizon was basically a haunted spaceship, Pandorum was the fear of being in space alone in the dark literally and figuratively, Pitch Black was the idea of the enemy of my enemy is my friend when dealing with nocturnal, winged beasts on a day of darkness. What other sci-fi horror films can be done, I really liked what they did with that Dead Space videogame series, we could use something like that.

I’ve written my own sci-fi horror story, but I don’t think I can follow these stories. Space is scary, the fear of the unknown of what is out there, and the idea that inside a spacecraft limits your space, no pun intended. I’m just saying we could use more of these. I await the next sci-fi horror story, should we ever get one.


Terminator 5 Pitch

I saw this fan trailer a year or two ago and was very impressed by it, I could picture a whole Terminator 5 story based on this trailer like a video pitch to how they could’ve done it.

This is the story I pictured watching this trailer:

I pictured modern times with John and Sarah Connor, but Judgment Day doesn’t happen in 2004 like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines showed. But why? John and Sarah go about their lives after Cyberdyne was destroyed, little do they know, that they’re being watched by someone, or something. That unbeknownst to them, that Terminators have been building a Terminator army in secret. When suddenly, the shit hits the fan! Skynet slowly takes over the internet while Terminators and HKs begin trying to exterminating the human race. When John and Sarah see this, they are saved by two people they never thought they’d see again, The Terminator and Kyle Reese, “Come with us if you want to live.” They get them to safety where they meet the new Resistance led by (future) John Connor’s daughter Jane. They explain that sometime after 2018 in Terminator Salvation, due to the Connors destroying Cyberdyne and postponing Judgment Day to 2004, Skynet was able to gain more information and the Resistance lost the war, so a handful of resisters, Connor, the Terminator, Jane, and Kyle included travel back in time as a last ditch effort to stop Skynet. Ironic, because in the previous movie, Skynet tried to do the same thing. They were able to stop Cyber Research Systems from developing the software that would become Skynet. But Terminators led by the T-1000 followed them into the past and between the aftermath of T2 in 1994 and current time were building a Terminator and HK army without quit waiting until now to upload Skynet to the web. Future John Connor had disappeared after stopping Cyber Research Systems, probably dead, but had a secret weapon to stopping Skynet once and for all and left clues behind to this secret weapon. So the Terminator, John Connor, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, Jane Connor, and what’s left of the Resistance must follow the clues to find this weapon and stop Skynet once and for all before he hacks into government nuclear weapons and beginning Judgment Day dodging Terminators and HKs of all kind. Destiny comes early. You know, like the final season of Fringe.


Terminator 5 Timeline

This is what the timeline would be like if this movie was made.

That’s what I picture when I watch this trailer, and it would be awesome to see Schwarzenegger, Hamilton, Furlong, Biehn, and Patrick all in the same movie together.

To answer you questions regarding Sarah and Kyle. I haven’t thought of an explanation of why Sarah would be alive after dying of cancer in T3, but the best explanation is that because of the Resistance preventing Cyber Research from developing Skynet they started a new timeline where Sarah never developed cancer, the butterfly effect. As for Kyle, the best explanation is that, the past is past, Kyle Reese already impregnated Sarah Connor, the Kyle Reese we saw in T1 and this Kyle Reese are from separate timelines. The one from T1 is Kyle Reese A, this is Kyle Reese B, the grown up version of Kyle in Salvation. This would also explain why in Salvation, Skynet didn’t just kill Kyle Reese, because killing Kyle would make no difference, this isn’t Back to the Future, instead used him as bait to kill Connor. This would also work for an interesting subplot, that John finally meets his father and Sarah is reunited with the man she loves, but she is conflicted because he’s not Kyle Reese A, he’s not the man who would die to save her and the father of her son. Time travel is a bitch.

Terminator Salvation: Good Movie, But With 2 Major Problems

I have to confess, I really like Terminator Salvation, I’m not ashamed to admit it. But there are one or two problems that really drives me crazy, somethings I can’t ignore and would be great if they were fixed.

1. Kyle Reese: See, in the movie Skynet knows about Kyle Reese being Connor’s father, or knows something since he put Kyle as the #1 target on the Skynet hit list. But if that’s the case, why didn’t Skynet just kill Kyle preventing him from going back in time and impregnating Sarah? Instead he used him as bait. How do you overlook something like that?

See, the movie was originally conceived of the idea of following the original pattern of the previous movies of someone or something traveling back in time to protect someone so they can do something very important. But instead of someone traveling back in time to protect Sarah or John Connor, it would be someone protecting Kyle Reese in the future. But the story went through major changes. Such as, Connor wasn’t originally going to be in the movie, it was only gonna be about Marcus and Kyle. The role of Marcus was offered to Christian Bale, but he wanted to play John Connor, so they wrote Connor in to get Bale in the movie. Another change was that they were going to have a larger element of the hybrid Terminators like Marcus, even Helena Bonham Carter’s character Serena Kogan was going to return as ┬áhybrid just like Marcus. Which is why in the scene where the Skynet prisoners are being escorted down the line it looks like there were people, not machines, in suits watching them. But it was removed for two reasons, 1 because Carter’s role was rewritten after most of her family was killed in a car accident and because the idea was leaked on the internet and met with negative criticism.

The point is, they should’ve explained why Skynet didn’t, wouldn’t, or couldn’t kill Kyle Reese, that is the major plot hole that didn’t make sense to me. The only thing I can assume is that Skynet killing Kyle would’ve resulted in a paradox that would reset the future and he’d start all over again or even probably destroying Skynet in the process. Or that killing Kyle would make no difference because the past is past, Connor was already born and the only way to change that is if someone went back to prior to T1, which is what they were kind of going with T2 by stopping Judgment Day from happening and Connor still existing. This isn’t Back to the Future where John would disappear Marty McFly style. So Skynet used Connor’s family instinct to protect his father to his advantage to kill Connor. Another possibility is that Skynet knew of Kyle Reese from his police record in T1 about him preaching of machines from the future and Skynet before it actually happened, so he knew that Kyle was important to Connor but didn’t realize they were father and son until he monitored what Connor said to Marcus, after Marcus returned to Skynet Central and accessed his memories.

2. Marcus’s Programs: The other thing that doesn’t bother me as much is that, if Marcus was a ruse to kill Connor, Marcus had one opportunity to kill Connor yet didn’t. In the scene where Connor was attacked by the Hydrobots, Marcus saves him. Why didn’t Marcus back off and let the Hydrobot kill him or Skynet order him to back off? The only thing I can assume is that, Marcus was only given 3 preprogramed orders: Locate Kyle so Skynet can capture him, find Connor and lure him to Skynet. I also think Marcus doesn’t have a transmitter to receive new orders to make his cover more believable. Skynet probably knew that he couldn’t get close enough to kill Connor, so he never programed Marcus to kill him cause he knew it would blow Marcus’ cover. Marcus was created to gain Connor’s trust and lure him into a trap, Skynet didn’t intend for a Hydrobot to get to Connor and Marcus would save him.

Those are my theories, I don’t know if they’re true and I feel we can’t hold these as facts because they’re not from the horse’s mouth, McG was even asked that question and didn’t answer it at all.

I don’t know, I feel if it wasn’t for those little problems it would’ve been a great Terminator movie, they should’ve given it a lot more thought.

Laurie Strode: Random or Sister

I was thinking about the Halloween franchise, about how all the movies are about Michael trying to kill his next of kin, most importantly his sister Laurie Strode. But I remembered that in the original movie, Laurie wasn’t Michael’s sister, it wasn’t revealed for that until Halloween 2, which wasn’t originally planned. According to the Halloween documentary, 25 Years of Terror, they said that Laurie was made Michael’s sister by Carpenter who wrote it while drunk and regrets it. I realize, that if Laurie wasn’t Michael’s sister, then she was just an innocent victim who Michael randomly picked to stalk. Why, out of all the girls of Haddonfield? If you watch the movie, Michael didn’t spot Laurie until she dropped the key at the Myers house when he was home. He laid eyes on her and never looked away. In fact, I remember the classroom scene where the subject was of “fate”, “fate being tied to religion while Samuels thought that fate was like a natural element like earth, air, fire and water.” Maybe this was all fate that brought hero and villain together, just bad f***in luck. And I wonder if this made Laurie a much better character, she was just some girl who Michael chose to stalk and kill, but she was able to overcome. Was it better that the two were related and Michael broke out only to go after her to kill is other sister.

Was Laurie better was a random victim or Michael’s sister?

Don’t get me started on the Curse of Thorn.

Next Terminator

I’ve been hearing new news about the next Terminator movie, what I know so far is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning even in his old age, they’re looking for a younger actress to play Sarah Connor, and that the title will be Terminator Genesis. There have been rumors that a Terminator was sent back to Sarah Connor’s younger years to protect her from a new enemy. Let’s just hope this rumor that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is gonna be the new evil Terminator isn’t true. They say it’s a reboot, but I have a theory.

It’s possible that this is a new timeline in the series, altered after the events of Terminator Salvation, that after Salvation, someone went back in time prior to T1 starting a new timeline, hence the name Genesis for beginning. Like the new Star Trek movies. It would make sense, they’re trying to start a new timeline though doesn’t reference the previous two movies intend to start a new franchise. I have even composed a timeline of the whole franchise and my theory on T5.

Red: straight timeline

Green: the journey of the time travelers

Blue: a divert in the timeline after someone’s interference.

Terminator Timeline


On a side note, I am mad that they were doing a new Terminator series yet it’s not a connection to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I really loved that show.

Pandorum Series Planned

A movie I really like entered my mind recently. Pandorum. It is one of my favorite sci-fi horror movies, considering there aren’t many of those, very underrated. I had heard the movie was intended to start a franchise but because of the poor box-office it didn’t get one, which I don’t mind, I think the movie is fine the way it is. But it would’ve been nice to see what they would have had planned for the series.


The movie concludes where after Bower and Nadia discover that Payton was Gallo and the person that caused all of the problems with the ship and the fact the ship has been on the planet Tanis underwater the whole time. After causing a hull breach, the ship floods with water drowning Gallo/Payton and the Hunters (the monsters), Bower and Naida escape in an ejecting cryotube, the ship ejects all the people still in cryostasis that make it to the surface, and what’s left of the human race begin to repopulate on Tanis.

What would’ve happened next? There was actually a deleted scene where Gallo/Payton survived the water flooding the ship after the ship drained the water, and his alternate personality asking “So you’re captain now. What now?” where Gallo/Payton smiles and it ends.

I thought what really made the movie good was the dark, spaceship atmosphere. But they could’ve made a series about the people on Tanis trying to repopulate where they encounter monsters as bad, maybe worse then the Hunters. We don’t know what is on Tanis, think it could’ve worked. Maybe if they planned for Gallo/Payton to survive, maybe he could’ve returned.

I don’t think Pandorum needs a sequel, but I wonder what they could’ve had planned. I think Pandorum was a really great sci-fi horror, it is very underrated.