Green Lantern Reignited

Now that they’re doing a DC Cinematic Universe, they already got it started with Man of Steel, Ben Affleck starring as Batman appearing in Batman vs. Superman, and they have cast someone for Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman. So everything is all coming together.

The question is, what do they have planned for the rest of the Justice League? I always pictured the Justice League members be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and maybe Cyborg, they could use a character like him.

Wonder Woman defiantly needs a movie, Batman might be restricted to the League since they did so well with Dark Knight but they might do another Batman franchise, Flash might be difficult since he doesn’t have the best rogue’s gallery, Cyborg I think has potential, Martian Manhunter might be restricted to the League. Now to the subject at hand, Green Lantern. They tried him with Ryan Reynolds and it did very poorly. I don’t see any salvaging that series, I think it’s best to start from scratch like with the Incredible Hulk.

The problem with Green Lantern is that he as the potential for something great or silly if handled right. For example with the Ryan Reynolds one, they made him too silly with his ring’s creations. A race track, really? Not to mention the CG was terrible. Some how they need to make Lantern realistic and less silly, mostly depending on what he creates with his ring. I say, apply something similar with Superman in Man of Steel but with Lantern.

I think they should use Sinestro in the story and channel him like the master and student who become enemies in the end like with Batman and Ras Al Ghaul in Batman Begins. If they want to save Sinestro for later like the original plan, they should use the Manhunters instead, I think those guys have potential for a Lantern story.

Also, we need a new actor for Hal Jordan, I suggest Nathan Fillion since he is a fan of the character wanted to play him once.

Again, it all depends on how Green Lantern is handled, I’m sure they can make him realistic like Superman. Just make sure he doesn’t make any race tracks.


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