Pandorum Series Planned

A movie I really like entered my mind recently. Pandorum. It is one of my favorite sci-fi horror movies, considering there aren’t many of those, very underrated. I had heard the movie was intended to start a franchise but because of the poor box-office it didn’t get one, which I don’t mind, I think the movie is fine the way it is. But it would’ve been nice to see what they would have had planned for the series.


The movie concludes where after Bower and Nadia discover that Payton was Gallo and the person that caused all of the problems with the ship and the fact the ship has been on the planet Tanis underwater the whole time. After causing a hull breach, the ship floods with water drowning Gallo/Payton and the Hunters (the monsters), Bower and Naida escape in an ejecting cryotube, the ship ejects all the people still in cryostasis that make it to the surface, and what’s left of the human race begin to repopulate on Tanis.

What would’ve happened next? There was actually a deleted scene where Gallo/Payton survived the water flooding the ship after the ship drained the water, and his alternate personality asking “So you’re captain now. What now?” where Gallo/Payton smiles and it ends.

I thought what really made the movie good was the dark, spaceship atmosphere. But they could’ve made a series about the people on Tanis trying to repopulate where they encounter monsters as bad, maybe worse then the Hunters. We don’t know what is on Tanis, think it could’ve worked. Maybe if they planned for Gallo/Payton to survive, maybe he could’ve returned.

I don’t think Pandorum needs a sequel, but I wonder what they could’ve had planned. I think Pandorum was a really great sci-fi horror, it is very underrated.


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