Laurie Strode: Random or Sister

I was thinking about the Halloween franchise, about how all the movies are about Michael trying to kill his next of kin, most importantly his sister Laurie Strode. But I remembered that in the original movie, Laurie wasn’t Michael’s sister, it wasn’t revealed for that until Halloween 2, which wasn’t originally planned. According to the Halloween documentary, 25 Years of Terror, they said that Laurie was made Michael’s sister by Carpenter who wrote it while drunk and regrets it. I realize, that if Laurie wasn’t Michael’s sister, then she was just an innocent victim who Michael randomly picked to stalk. Why, out of all the girls of Haddonfield? If you watch the movie, Michael didn’t spot Laurie until she dropped the key at the Myers house when he was home. He laid eyes on her and never looked away. In fact, I remember the classroom scene where the subject was of “fate”, “fate being tied to religion while Samuels thought that fate was like a natural element like earth, air, fire and water.” Maybe this was all fate that brought hero and villain together, just bad f***in luck. And I wonder if this made Laurie a much better character, she was just some girl who Michael chose to stalk and kill, but she was able to overcome. Was it better that the two were related and Michael broke out only to go after her to kill is other sister.

Was Laurie better was a random victim or Michael’s sister?

Don’t get me started on the Curse of Thorn.


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