Terminator Salvation: Good Movie, But With 2 Major Problems

I have to confess, I really like Terminator Salvation, I’m not ashamed to admit it. But there are one or two problems that really drives me crazy, somethings I can’t ignore and would be great if they were fixed.

1. Kyle Reese: See, in the movie Skynet knows about Kyle Reese being Connor’s father, or knows something since he put Kyle as the #1 target on the Skynet hit list. But if that’s the case, why didn’t Skynet just kill Kyle preventing him from going back in time and impregnating Sarah? Instead he used him as bait. How do you overlook something like that?

See, the movie was originally conceived of the idea of following the original pattern of the previous movies of someone or something traveling back in time to protect someone so they can do something very important. But instead of someone traveling back in time to protect Sarah or John Connor, it would be someone protecting Kyle Reese in the future. But the story went through major changes. Such as, Connor wasn’t originally going to be in the movie, it was only gonna be about Marcus and Kyle. The role of Marcus was offered to Christian Bale, but he wanted to play John Connor, so they wrote Connor in to get Bale in the movie. Another change was that they were going to have a larger element of the hybrid Terminators like Marcus, even Helena Bonham Carter’s character Serena Kogan was going to return as  hybrid just like Marcus. Which is why in the scene where the Skynet prisoners are being escorted down the line it looks like there were people, not machines, in suits watching them. But it was removed for two reasons, 1 because Carter’s role was rewritten after most of her family was killed in a car accident and because the idea was leaked on the internet and met with negative criticism.

The point is, they should’ve explained why Skynet didn’t, wouldn’t, or couldn’t kill Kyle Reese, that is the major plot hole that didn’t make sense to me. The only thing I can assume is that Skynet killing Kyle would’ve resulted in a paradox that would reset the future and he’d start all over again or even probably destroying Skynet in the process. Or that killing Kyle would make no difference because the past is past, Connor was already born and the only way to change that is if someone went back to prior to T1, which is what they were kind of going with T2 by stopping Judgment Day from happening and Connor still existing. This isn’t Back to the Future where John would disappear Marty McFly style. So Skynet used Connor’s family instinct to protect his father to his advantage to kill Connor. Another possibility is that Skynet knew of Kyle Reese from his police record in T1 about him preaching of machines from the future and Skynet before it actually happened, so he knew that Kyle was important to Connor but didn’t realize they were father and son until he monitored what Connor said to Marcus, after Marcus returned to Skynet Central and accessed his memories.

2. Marcus’s Programs: The other thing that doesn’t bother me as much is that, if Marcus was a ruse to kill Connor, Marcus had one opportunity to kill Connor yet didn’t. In the scene where Connor was attacked by the Hydrobots, Marcus saves him. Why didn’t Marcus back off and let the Hydrobot kill him or Skynet order him to back off? The only thing I can assume is that, Marcus was only given 3 preprogramed orders: Locate Kyle so Skynet can capture him, find Connor and lure him to Skynet. I also think Marcus doesn’t have a transmitter to receive new orders to make his cover more believable. Skynet probably knew that he couldn’t get close enough to kill Connor, so he never programed Marcus to kill him cause he knew it would blow Marcus’ cover. Marcus was created to gain Connor’s trust and lure him into a trap, Skynet didn’t intend for a Hydrobot to get to Connor and Marcus would save him.

Those are my theories, I don’t know if they’re true and I feel we can’t hold these as facts because they’re not from the horse’s mouth, McG was even asked that question and didn’t answer it at all.

I don’t know, I feel if it wasn’t for those little problems it would’ve been a great Terminator movie, they should’ve given it a lot more thought.


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