Sci-Fi Horror

I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite movies like Alien and The Thing. I love sci-fi horror films, but they are very scarce. I also like some other sci-fi horror films such as Event Horizon, Pandorum, Pitch Black (I think it’s a sci-fi horror). I wish we could have more of those, some kind of new film that scares you and brings something new. Alien brought as an alien that gestates inside a human, The Thing brought us the scare of someone you know could be an enemy in disguise, Event Horizon was basically a haunted spaceship, Pandorum was the fear of being in space alone in the dark literally and figuratively, Pitch Black was the idea of the enemy of my enemy is my friend when dealing with nocturnal, winged beasts on a day of darkness. What other sci-fi horror films can be done, I really liked what they did with that Dead Space videogame series, we could use something like that.

I’ve written my own sci-fi horror story, but I don’t think I can follow these stories. Space is scary, the fear of the unknown of what is out there, and the idea that inside a spacecraft limits your space, no pun intended. I’m just saying we could use more of these. I await the next sci-fi horror story, should we ever get one.


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