From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series

I saw the preview for the From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series and I only have one thing to say:

It looks like an extended TV remake of the movie, and that’s not a good thing. I dislike the idea of them replaying the movie with someone else in actors’ roles, especially George Clooney. I’m unimpressed.


Possible Saw VIII

I read somewhere a while back that they were planning a Saw 8. I think it would be nice, but after 7 movies it might be dried out and what more can you do? Cause Jigsaw’s dead, Amanda’s dead, Jill’s dead, all the detectives associated are dead, and Hoffman is most likely dead, the only one left is Dr. Gordon. I think it would be a good idea with Dr. Gordon continuing Jigsaw’s work with new characters that Gordon picks out as oppose to subjects Jigsaw “so happen” to prepare for before his death. Also, to bring back Jigsaw, we could see flashbacks with Gordon and Jigsaw working together during the events of the previous movies, maybe explain why Gordon wasn’t phased by Adam’s death. There’s one problem with that, they were lucky to bring back Cary Elwes for the 7th one, they had been wanting to bring him back for years but were unable too, he only agreed to do the 7th because they were sure it would be the last one. So they’d really have to convince him to come back, or dangle enough cash in his face to get him to do it. The point is, it seems unlikely they’ll do a Saw story centered around Dr. Gordon.

If they can’t do it, I thought it would be cool to begin the next story with Gordon on his deathbed, ridden with cancer just as Jigsaw was with someone standing over him and Gordon passing Jigsaw’s work to a new successor before dying. Then the story would show a new set of characters being tested, one of them would be the Jigsaw successor, the ending being the big reveal of which one it is. It could work because they “might” be able to bring back Elwes back for a 5 minute cameo. That seems more likely.

Who knows what these guys have up their sleeves? Let the games begin.

I, Frankenstein

I was looking up the I, Frankenstein movie, as much as I like the idea of the Frankenstein monster battling villains in modern times, I think the whole idea with demons and gargoyles sounds absurd. Frankenstein was more sci-fi then fantasy, demons and gargoyles don’t really sounds like they go with Frankenstein.

Using the ideas from synopsis I read, I think they could’ve done it a better way. I see it as a story of the monster created by Frankenstein who after his creator dies, he has lived throughout the centuries. Frankenstein’s work has been regarded as fiction, but some scientists secretly know about it and wish to replicate it to create an army of immortal soldiers to rule the world. But are met with many failures, their soldiers live but are unable to live long enough, the monster was the only success of creating eternal life and Dr. Frankenstein took the key to life to his grave. Evil government officials and scientists have finally tracked down the Monster and send their army of reanimated corpses to take him alive. So the Monster must battle of Beta Monsters, that’s a nice name, I should use that, in order to keep the secret of eternal life out of the wrong hands.

Again, no fantasy, only sci-fi. I does have an element of Van Helsing to it I realize that, but I think it sounds cool. But I wish they called me when they wrote this story.

My Fan Fiction

I have decided to post my fan fiction on my deviantart profile. I have written Aliens, Terminator, and Aliens vs. Predator fan fiction and hope to write more AVPs and some Predators. I have only posted my first story, I will post them at least monthly if I can. You can view them here.

You can also view my fan art of my fan fiction.

New Predator Ideas

Last time I checked about the Predator franchise, they don’t know where to go with it because they took it to a whole new level in Predators (2010). The problem is they’re worrying about setting, first they had the jungle, then they had Las Angeles, and another planet, not to mention the AVPs that had a pyramid in Antarctica and the suburbs. They don’t know how to top another planet. Course, if you wanna worry about setting, not including the AVPs, why not try different settings that hadn’t been done like a desert or a snowy wilderness. I can see a Predator story like The Grey or The Hills Have Eyes. Course, I always liked the city setting, just think they could have done a better job. But, the idea is not just to focus on setting, it’s all about story and characters.

I thought it would be interesting to see Schwarzenegger facing a Predator again, I like the idea of Predators competing for his head, the fact that he killed one of their own could probably make him more of a challenge to the Predators. But Schwarzenegger is too old, would’ve worked if it was made sooner.

Resident Evil Movie Contradiction

This is a quick post. I was thinking about the Resident Evil movies, and I was thinking about the villain in the 6th movie who was the AI computer Red Queen, the same villain in 1st movie. But something just occurred to me. In the 1st movie, the Red Queen only killed people to keep the virus from getting out, yet in the 6th movie, she’s trying to destroy the human race. What’s the deal? In the 1st movie she tries to make her kills justified, but in the 6th she’s gone Skynet on us. Don’t know if that works, or at least explain why she went from “kill a few save a lot” to “kill everyone.”

Batman vs. Superman Possible Villain

I read somewhere that the possible villain for Batman vs. Superman might be Metallo. Which I think would be a good pick for both of them. Mostly because, at one point in the DC universe, John Corben was suspected of being the man who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne, a ruse created by Lex Luthor. He’s a new villain that hadn’t been done before and he has ties to Superman and Batman. I also heard rumors about Joaquin Phoenix possibly playing Lex Luthor, and a separate rumor that Luthor will appear in the series in very small roles like how Nick Fury did for the Marvel movies. I can see Metallo used as a way to take out Batman and Superman by Luthor who remains in the shadows until we can actually see the Man of Steel face his arch enemy greatly. I just really don’t think Luthor should be the villain in Bats vs. Supes, the rivalry between Supes and Lex match Batman and Joker, and you don’t want Bats to ride their coat tail, or should I say cape tail.


Plus, I picture the end of the story, where Batman will make his way to Metallo to kill the man who killed his parents, and is going to do it too. But Superman convinces him not too, because after Superman killed Zod it left a stain in his heart that he can’t live with and doesn’t want Batman to live with that as well.

I just think it works.