New Predator Ideas

Last time I checked about the Predator franchise, they don’t know where to go with it because they took it to a whole new level in Predators (2010). The problem is they’re worrying about setting, first they had the jungle, then they had Las Angeles, and another planet, not to mention the AVPs that had a pyramid in Antarctica and the suburbs. They don’t know how to top another planet. Course, if you wanna worry about setting, not including the AVPs, why not try different settings that hadn’t been done like a desert or a snowy wilderness. I can see a Predator story like The Grey or The Hills Have Eyes. Course, I always liked the city setting, just think they could have done a better job. But, the idea is not just to focus on setting, it’s all about story and characters.

I thought it would be interesting to see Schwarzenegger facing a Predator again, I like the idea of Predators competing for his head, the fact that he killed one of their own could probably make him more of a challenge to the Predators. But Schwarzenegger is too old, would’ve worked if it was made sooner.


4 thoughts on “New Predator Ideas

  1. azzraelblogg says:

    I for sure dont mind the scenery. As long as the story is descent i would look at it. Love predators. But i like the idea of a snowy forest. Would be like home for me đŸ™‚

    • Nice. But yeah, it’s all about story. I once had an idea for Predators coming after Dutch (Schwarzenegger), because killing the 1st Predator makes him a more worthy prey, so a bunch of Predators come after him, each one competing for his head, literally. But I vetoed Dutch because Schwarzenegger is too old, but used a different character instead.

  2. Yeah my idea could work for Royce, like Noland said, “Every once in a while one of us kills one of them, and that’s when they get ‘really’ interested.” But I don’t see anyway of him and Isabelle getting off the planet without finding another Predator they can get on his good side. Course I didn’t use Royce, cause when I write fan fiction, I write them as standalone stories where other films don’t contradict each other, in case they do another Predators story involve Royce.

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