I, Frankenstein

I was looking up the I, Frankenstein movie, as much as I like the idea of the Frankenstein monster battling villains in modern times, I think the whole idea with demons and gargoyles sounds absurd. Frankenstein was more sci-fi then fantasy, demons and gargoyles don’t really sounds like they go with Frankenstein.

Using the ideas from synopsis I read, I think they could’ve done it a better way. I see it as a story of the monster created by Frankenstein who after his creator dies, he has lived throughout the centuries. Frankenstein’s work has been regarded as fiction, but some scientists secretly know about it and wish to replicate it to create an army of immortal soldiers to rule the world. But are met with many failures, their soldiers live but are unable to live long enough, the monster was the only success of creating eternal life and Dr. Frankenstein took the key to life to his grave. Evil government officials and scientists have finally tracked down the Monster and send their army of reanimated corpses to take him alive. So the Monster must battle of Beta Monsters, that’s a nice name, I should use that, in order to keep the secret of eternal life out of the wrong hands.

Again, no fantasy, only sci-fi. I does have an element of Van Helsing to it I realize that, but I think it sounds cool. But I wish they called me when they wrote this story.


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