Possible Saw VIII

I read somewhere a while back that they were planning a Saw 8. I think it would be nice, but after 7 movies it might be dried out and what more can you do? Cause Jigsaw’s dead, Amanda’s dead, Jill’s dead, all the detectives associated are dead, and Hoffman is most likely dead, the only one left is Dr. Gordon. I think it would be a good idea with Dr. Gordon continuing Jigsaw’s work with new characters that Gordon picks out as oppose to subjects Jigsaw “so happen” to prepare for before his death. Also, to bring back Jigsaw, we could see flashbacks with Gordon and Jigsaw working together during the events of the previous movies, maybe explain why Gordon wasn’t phased by Adam’s death. There’s one problem with that, they were lucky to bring back Cary Elwes for the 7th one, they had been wanting to bring him back for years but were unable too, he only agreed to do the 7th because they were sure it would be the last one. So they’d really have to convince him to come back, or dangle enough cash in his face to get him to do it. The point is, it seems unlikely they’ll do a Saw story centered around Dr. Gordon.

If they can’t do it, I thought it would be cool to begin the next story with Gordon on his deathbed, ridden with cancer just as Jigsaw was with someone standing over him and Gordon passing Jigsaw’s work to a new successor before dying. Then the story would show a new set of characters being tested, one of them would be the Jigsaw successor, the ending being the big reveal of which one it is. It could work because they “might” be able to bring back Elwes back for a 5 minute cameo. That seems more likely.

Who knows what these guys have up their sleeves? Let the games begin.


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