Predator 2: Underrated

I’ve been thinking about the Predator movies lately, I got to say, I really like Predator 2. A lot of people don’t like it, Schwarzenegger even turned down Predator 2 because he didn’t like the city setting. But it was more then the city setting I liked, I liked the new weapons, the government agents tracking him, and most of all, we learn more about the Predators that we didn’t see in the 1st, like the Predator tribal like culture. I loved the idea of the Elder Predators. Another person in the anti-Predator 2 club was Robert Rodriguez who produced Predators (the 3rd movie), he said that he wanted all the elements of the story to be drawn from the 1st Predator only, not Predator 2, or the AVPs. I admit, the AVPs weren’t very good, I have a guilty pleasure for the 1st one though, but they had a lot of interesting elements, such as the Predator architecture mirroring Aztec, Egyptian, and Cambodian architecture, which the Predators seemed to mirror. But the point is, hate Predator 2 for the story, but at least like the good elements. Like for example, Predators used a similar weapon to AVP, the Predator’s having the tech to fire their wrist-blades like a projectile.

I just like the ideas that Predator 2 did, and I liked the story.


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