Batman: The Long Halloween

I just thought of a great idea. Lately I’ve been getting into these DC animated films, like Batman: Under the Red Hood, or Batman Year One and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns adaptation. I need to see the Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern cartoons. I’m especially intrigued by Son of the Batman coming out soon.

Anywho, I thought of a great idea for one of their next projects. Growing up, my brother introduced me to Batman: The Long Halloween, it’s kinda an unofficial sequel to Year One telling the story of Batman, Gordon, and Dent forming an alliance, like The Dark Knight movie, to bring down the Falcone crime family. While a serial killer called Holiday tries to do it himself, every holiday starting on Halloween all the way to next year’s Halloween, he would kill someone associated with the Falcone crime family. So Batman tries to piece the clues together and figure out who this holiday killer is. It also tells the origin story of Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face, in fact, The Dark Knight drew inspiration for the Harvey Dent character from Long Halloween. Anywho, I can see them adapting Long Halloween into a 2 part DVD series. I think it would make a great animated story.


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