The Riddler Contender

The Riddler David Hyde Pierce

Got another one for you, you’ve seen my Harley Quinn and my Ventriloquist contenders. Well, here’s my idea for the Riddler. I would pick David Hyde Pierce. It depends on your vision of Riddler. I like the smart and sophisticated, the guy who wears a suit and tie and really proves he’s a smart ass. I always hated the spandex Riddler who jumps around giggling like an idiot. Jim Carrey anyone? If I want to see a goofy Batman villain like that, we got the Joker for that. I think if there’s anyone who can play a smart ass know-it-all, it’s Hyde Pierce. It might be type-casting, but I think he’d be perfect.

That’s my choice.


I would tell you who I’d pick for a Joker contender, but I fear it’s a little too soon to suggest anyone new due to Ledger and the Colorado shootings.


The Ventriloquist Contender (with Scarface)

Scarface and the Ventriloquist Stephen Tobolowsky

Just felt like posting this. I think that Stephen Tobolowsky would make a great Ventriloquist the Batman villain, of course we’d get someone to voice Scarface. You may know him as Sammy Jenkins in Memento and Ned from Groundhog Day. I watched a movie I like that he was in and thought he’d be perfect. Maybe he could play him in the upcoming TV series Gotham, even though the show doesn’t interest me, I think he’d be a great pick for the Ventriloquist.

General Zod (SPOILERS)

Speaking of Superman, I want to bring up something that bugs me about the criticism regarding Man of Steel.


People complained that Superman snapped¬†General Zod’s neck, because Superman doesn’t kill. But I feel that Superman had no choice and probably doesn’t wanna do it again. But what bothers me, is that nobody complained that Superman killed Zod in Superman 2 (both Lester and Donner’s Cut). Remember? Superman tricked Zod into thinking that he drained himself of his power, but really trained Zod, Herza, and Nom’s powers instead, he then proceeded to break Zod’s hand, lift him up, and throw him into a pit to die that the others fell to their death as well. I mean, I feel that is much worse. He didn’t have to kill him, he could’ve just injured him, then take the 3 of them, and Luthor to jail. Man of Steel was different, Zod was about to kill some innocent people, it was him or them.

Also, I can see this working in the sequel, Luthor taunting Superman by saying how Superman doesn’t have the guts to kill Luthor after he bawled like a baby after killing Zod. Like how Joker taunted Batman in Dark Knight. I would love to see Luthor taunt Superman like Joker did to Batman. That’s what makes the Luthor I like in the cartoon, he’s an ironic opposite to Superman, that Superman has unlimited power, yet the one thing he can’t do is put Luthor in jail.

Donner’s Superman 2 and Singer’s Superman Returns

I’ve been thinking about Donner’s Superman 2, because people say Superman Returns doesn’t work in Donner’s cut continuity considering that Superman destroyed the Fortress of Solitude at the end of the that cut and Returns said that Luthor’s been to the Fortress before.

I also want to make it clear, that I’m not really much of a fan of the original Superman movies, or Returns, they were too silly like the reverse rotating the Earth and not to mention I always hated Hackmen’s Luthor. I don’t hate Hackmen, I just don’t like his portrayal, him being comedic, dressing like Willy Wonka, wearing a rug, and don’t get me started on his obsession with real-estate. Kevin Spacey would’ve been a great Luthor if he was in a better movie and wasn’t channeling Hackmen. The Luthor I always loved was Clancy Brown’s portrayal in the Superman cartoon, which is why I would’ve liked someone like Michael Ironside for Luthor. I’m doubtful about Jesse Eisenberg, but I have faith in Synder. Man of Steel was everything I wanted in a Superman movie.

Anywho, Donner’s Superman 2 and Superman Returns can still fit in the same canon. First of all, Superman may have destroyed the Fortress of Solitude, but he reversed time to before it was destroyed. And, Luthor still could’ve visited the Fortress between Superman 2 and Returns during Superman’s absence, considering that Luthor did talk about find it, not to mention that Returns said that Luthor got out of jail because Superman wasn’t there to testify. Luthor could’ve gone to the Fortress during Superman absence learning all his information, fell in love with that rich woman, come up with his new plan, got her money, and went back believing the power of the crystals can work.

So technically, Donner’s Superman 2 and Returns can go in the same canon. Though they should also rewrite Superman 1, so that they take can out him reverse rotating the Earth so that they don’t have the same ending in both movies, considering that he was originally suppose to save California, then reverse rotate the Earth in the sequel.

I’m just saying that Donner should redo Superman 1 so it could sync with his Superman 2.

Zombies Bite (It’s a Pun): SPOILERS


Lately I’ve been thinking about Zombies, mostly because I’m a huge fan of Walking Dead. I’ve been trying to understand the logic behind the “Zombie Virus” in most zombie movies. I know, I’m trying to explain logic in zombies which are total works of fiction, and the zombie lure differ in different stories.

What confuses me is this, regarding the actual reanimation of the recently departed and the bites. It doesn’t really make sense that this “Zombie Virus” can bring you back to life after you die, while also when bitten kill you, and then bring you back to life. Doesn’t make sense that it can do two different things. Viruses don’t really work that way. Again, I know we’re talking about a factious virus.¬†Anywho, I’m starting to think that the zombie virus and the bites in George Romero’s “Of the Dead” movies and Walking Dead are unrelated.

See, if you watch the original Night of the Living Dead, no one turns into a zombie (or Ghoul as Romero called them originally) after being bitten until the final act, and that was only one person, Mr. Cooper’s daughter. All the zombies were people who were reanimated at the time of the dead start rising, as I call, “Z-Day.” In the final act of Night of the Living Dead, Ben tries to figure out how to escape after their original plan failed and how to carry Cooper’s injured daughter. He asked her how she got hurt and they told him that they bit her on the arm. Ben’s reply was fear saying, “Who knows what kind of germs those things carry.” It wasn’t until Dawn of the Dead when people started changing after being bitten by zombies. Which got me thinking, Romero didn’t originally intend to imply that the “Zombie Virus” turns you into a zombie after being bitten. I think he was intending that the virus only reanimates you and that the bites are actually occurrences of regular disease germs. In other words, everyone after Z-Day will reanimate if they’re brains are still intact by the zombie virus, but a zombie, a walking, disgusting corpse, carries dozens of fatal germs that he passes onto you when bitten, and that it is the regular germs that kill you and then the “Zombie Virus” reanimates you. Not the bite itself.

Walking Dead seems to indicate this when Jenner told Rick that, “We’re all infected”, I didn’t really understand that. When I was thinking back to my theory, that everyone after Z-Day (in the Walking Dead canon) becomes infected meaning they will reanimate after death. And that when bitten and contracting deadly, normal germs, kill you and the Zombie Virus brings you back to life. You with me on this?

But again, different Zombie mythos differ. Such as the Dawn of the Dead remake and the Resident Evil games, which is all about the bites baby.

In Dawn of the Dead they make it clear that it’s the bites, but many people die but don’t reanimate.

“She died from a gunshot. She wasn’t bitten.”

“She’s gonna come back right?”

“No, if she was one of them she’d be up by now.”

Though, it’s unknown who turned into a zombie first, but it stands to reason that when this possible virus broke out, it killed various people, they came back, and started biting everyone.

Resident Evil the games is all about viruses and bites. The T-Virus in the games apparently wasn’t airborne, if it was, it was only a short period of time, it’s likely the virus was in the water supply. In this case, when directly exposed to the virus it will mutate you into a zombie, then when you get bit, you change, but like the Dawn of the Dead remake, the recently departed don’t reanimate.

The Resident Evil movies are different because I think writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson doesn’t really think this stuff out because there are lots of plot holes. Such as the zombies rising from the grave in the cemetery in Resident Evil Apocalypse. How can dead people reanimate after the outbreak? Dead people can’t get infected after death. As much as I like the Resident Evil movies, I’m still loyal to the games, and feel the movies are just big-budget, exploitation, Grindhouse movies. Girls, guns, and zombies/monsters.

Anywho, that’s my theory on these two different Zombie mythos. I think it makes a lot of sense and brings more logic to the zombie stories. All the evidence I’ve gathered seems pretty sound.

Any thoughts?

Codename: James Bond

Me and one of my co-workers were talking about theories in movies and tv-shows, like the Pulp Fiction theory that inside the briefcase is Ving Rhames’ soul and some like that. One of theories brought up something I thought was interesting. Why is it that James Bond’s been alive since the 1962 and hasn’t aged a day and looks different in each movie. Their theory was that he was a time lord like Dr. Who. I can do you one better. The James Bonds from Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Rodger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Prosnan, and Daniel Craig, here’s the thing: they’re not the same man.

All these actors are all agents of MI6 who have graduated to the status of 007 and awarded honor to carry on the legacy of the name of James Bond, a pass the torch so to speak. Which explains how Bond looks like different in almost every film and hasn’t aged at all. The same thing applies to the name of M, Q, and Moneypenny. One evidence to this theory was when George Lazenby first appeared as James Bond, he said, “This never happened to the other fellow.” Which we can also say, that the Daniel Craig Bond is not a reboot, but the most recent one to be honored with the name of James Bond, which makes sense since in Casino Royale, he just was awarded with the 00 status and why the M (Judi Dench) is the same actress from the Prosnan era, and also works because in Skyfall, Mallory was promoted as the new M and why Q was so young in, he even references “What were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t do that anymore.” pretty much referencing the Q before him.

I mean, it could work, it does make sense, it’s just a movie, but it’s funny to talk about. I admit, I got my theory based on Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic books, in the 3rd he references this subject where Bond is a legacy passed on from agent to agent in MI6. His books even show an image of busts of all the agents to carry on the Bond name, all modeled after the Bond actors from Connery to Craig. Course his original Bond, Jimmy (cause of copyright), was a bad person but was still a hero to Great Britain which started the legacy. Moore making him a bad person was in response to his hatred for the League movie and one of his characters portrayed by Connery. Moore really holds a grudge.

Either way, it makes sense and I think it’s funny.

Terminator Theory Regarding Old Schwarzenegger (Update)

I have a theory has to how they’d get away with Schwarzenegger looking old for Terminator Genesis. It’s not a great theory, but it makes some sense.

Okay, the Terminators have living organic skin, this skin bleeds, heals, sweats, and have bad breath. If this skin is living and organic, it’s possible that maybe, the skin can also age. The idea is, it’s not the Terminator itself that is old, it’s just the skin. The Terminators live for a long time, but the skin probably doesn’t, it ages like a human and after a long time, the skin would probably age so long it would rot.

But Skynet would probably update his Terminators. But we’re assuming that the Terminator in this is a “good” Terminator, reprogramed by the Resistance, so the Resistance probably wouldn’t have access to the technology or priorities to update the Terminator. The humans are in a war against machines, do you really think they care whether there Terminator soldier looks young? So the Terminator in this probably fought with the Resistance for a few years and his skin aged before before being sent back in time.

That’s just my theory. Could be wrong, I don’t know, don’t care. Just a fun little thing to contemplate.


Told you.