Zombies Bite (It’s a Pun): SPOILERS


Lately I’ve been thinking about Zombies, mostly because I’m a huge fan of Walking Dead. I’ve been trying to understand the logic behind the “Zombie Virus” in most zombie movies. I know, I’m trying to explain logic in zombies which are total works of fiction, and the zombie lure differ in different stories.

What confuses me is this, regarding the actual reanimation of the recently departed and the bites. It doesn’t really make sense that this “Zombie Virus” can bring you back to life after you die, while also when bitten kill you, and then bring you back to life. Doesn’t make sense that it can do two different things. Viruses don’t really work that way. Again, I know we’re talking about a factious virus. Anywho, I’m starting to think that the zombie virus and the bites in George Romero’s “Of the Dead” movies and Walking Dead are unrelated.

See, if you watch the original Night of the Living Dead, no one turns into a zombie (or Ghoul as Romero called them originally) after being bitten until the final act, and that was only one person, Mr. Cooper’s daughter. All the zombies were people who were reanimated at the time of the dead start rising, as I call, “Z-Day.” In the final act of Night of the Living Dead, Ben tries to figure out how to escape after their original plan failed and how to carry Cooper’s injured daughter. He asked her how she got hurt and they told him that they bit her on the arm. Ben’s reply was fear saying, “Who knows what kind of germs those things carry.” It wasn’t until Dawn of the Dead when people started changing after being bitten by zombies. Which got me thinking, Romero didn’t originally intend to imply that the “Zombie Virus” turns you into a zombie after being bitten. I think he was intending that the virus only reanimates you and that the bites are actually occurrences of regular disease germs. In other words, everyone after Z-Day will reanimate if they’re brains are still intact by the zombie virus, but a zombie, a walking, disgusting corpse, carries dozens of fatal germs that he passes onto you when bitten, and that it is the regular germs that kill you and then the “Zombie Virus” reanimates you. Not the bite itself.

Walking Dead seems to indicate this when Jenner told Rick that, “We’re all infected”, I didn’t really understand that. When I was thinking back to my theory, that everyone after Z-Day (in the Walking Dead canon) becomes infected meaning they will reanimate after death. And that when bitten and contracting deadly, normal germs, kill you and the Zombie Virus brings you back to life. You with me on this?

But again, different Zombie mythos differ. Such as the Dawn of the Dead remake and the Resident Evil games, which is all about the bites baby.

In Dawn of the Dead they make it clear that it’s the bites, but many people die but don’t reanimate.

“She died from a gunshot. She wasn’t bitten.”

“She’s gonna come back right?”

“No, if she was one of them she’d be up by now.”

Though, it’s unknown who turned into a zombie first, but it stands to reason that when this possible virus broke out, it killed various people, they came back, and started biting everyone.

Resident Evil the games is all about viruses and bites. The T-Virus in the games apparently wasn’t airborne, if it was, it was only a short period of time, it’s likely the virus was in the water supply. In this case, when directly exposed to the virus it will mutate you into a zombie, then when you get bit, you change, but like the Dawn of the Dead remake, the recently departed don’t reanimate.

The Resident Evil movies are different because I think writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson doesn’t really think this stuff out because there are lots of plot holes. Such as the zombies rising from the grave in the cemetery in Resident Evil Apocalypse. How can dead people reanimate after the outbreak? Dead people can’t get infected after death. As much as I like the Resident Evil movies, I’m still loyal to the games, and feel the movies are just big-budget, exploitation, Grindhouse movies. Girls, guns, and zombies/monsters.

Anywho, that’s my theory on these two different Zombie mythos. I think it makes a lot of sense and brings more logic to the zombie stories. All the evidence I’ve gathered seems pretty sound.

Any thoughts?


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