Donner’s Superman 2 and Singer’s Superman Returns

I’ve been thinking about Donner’s Superman 2, because people say Superman Returns doesn’t work in Donner’s cut continuity considering that Superman destroyed the Fortress of Solitude at the end of the that cut and Returns said that Luthor’s been to the Fortress before.

I also want to make it clear, that I’m not really much of a fan of the original Superman movies, or Returns, they were too silly like the reverse rotating the Earth and not to mention I always hated Hackmen’s Luthor. I don’t hate Hackmen, I just don’t like his portrayal, him being comedic, dressing like Willy Wonka, wearing a rug, and don’t get me started on his obsession with real-estate. Kevin Spacey would’ve been a great Luthor if he was in a better movie and wasn’t channeling Hackmen. The Luthor I always loved was Clancy Brown’s portrayal in the Superman cartoon, which is why I would’ve liked someone like Michael Ironside for Luthor. I’m doubtful about Jesse Eisenberg, but I have faith in Synder. Man of Steel was everything I wanted in a Superman movie.

Anywho, Donner’s Superman 2 and Superman Returns can still fit in the same canon. First of all, Superman may have destroyed the Fortress of Solitude, but he reversed time to before it was destroyed. And, Luthor still could’ve visited the Fortress between Superman 2 and Returns during Superman’s absence, considering that Luthor did talk about find it, not to mention that Returns said that Luthor got out of jail because Superman wasn’t there to testify. Luthor could’ve gone to the Fortress during Superman absence learning all his information, fell in love with that rich woman, come up with his new plan, got her money, and went back believing the power of the crystals can work.

So technically, Donner’s Superman 2 and Returns can go in the same canon. Though they should also rewrite Superman 1, so that they take can out him reverse rotating the Earth so that they don’t have the same ending in both movies, considering that he was originally suppose to save California, then reverse rotate the Earth in the sequel.

I’m just saying that Donner should redo Superman 1 so it could sync with his Superman 2.


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