General Zod (SPOILERS)

Speaking of Superman, I want to bring up something that bugs me about the criticism regarding Man of Steel.


People complained that Superman snapped General Zod’s neck, because Superman doesn’t kill. But I feel that Superman had no choice and probably doesn’t wanna do it again. But what bothers me, is that nobody complained that Superman killed Zod in Superman 2 (both Lester and Donner’s Cut). Remember? Superman tricked Zod into thinking that he drained himself of his power, but really trained Zod, Herza, and Nom’s powers instead, he then proceeded to break Zod’s hand, lift him up, and throw him into a pit to die that the others fell to their death as well. I mean, I feel that is much worse. He didn’t have to kill him, he could’ve just injured him, then take the 3 of them, and Luthor to jail. Man of Steel was different, Zod was about to kill some innocent people, it was him or them.

Also, I can see this working in the sequel, Luthor taunting Superman by saying how Superman doesn’t have the guts to kill Luthor after he bawled like a baby after killing Zod. Like how Joker taunted Batman in Dark Knight. I would love to see Luthor taunt Superman like Joker did to Batman. That’s what makes the Luthor I like in the cartoon, he’s an ironic opposite to Superman, that Superman has unlimited power, yet the one thing he can’t do is put Luthor in jail.


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