The Riddler Contender

The Riddler David Hyde Pierce

Got another one for you, you’ve seen my Harley Quinn and my Ventriloquist contenders. Well, here’s my idea for the Riddler. I would pick David Hyde Pierce. It depends on your vision of Riddler. I like the smart and sophisticated, the guy who wears a suit and tie and really proves he’s a smart ass. I always hated the spandex Riddler who jumps around giggling like an idiot. Jim Carrey anyone? If I want to see a goofy Batman villain like that, we got the Joker for that. I think if there’s anyone who can play a smart ass know-it-all, it’s Hyde Pierce. It might be type-casting, but I think he’d be perfect.

That’s my choice.


I would tell you who I’d pick for a Joker contender, but I fear it’s a little too soon to suggest anyone new due to Ledger and the Colorado shootings.


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