Friday the 13th Reboot (Again)

I just finished the Friday the 13th documentary Crystal Lake Memories, very informative. Which reminds me that Paramount wants to make a, ironically, 13th Jason film, another reboot. I liked the reboot that Michael Bay produced, I liked it a lot but it had it’s problems. For example, way too much sex, even for a Friday the 13th. It had the right idea combining the best elements into one movie, such as Jason’s mother in the opening and Jason starting with the sack mask and then hockey mask. But what really bothered me about the story was it forgot what started the story, the camp setting, the idea of camp counselors trying to reopen a camp that has a huge urban legend behind it. Instead, made Camp Crystal Lake a derelict for Jason set up shop.

Now that they’re doing another one, I’m really hoping they go back to the story of reopening the camp. If I did it, I would set up the story of Jason in present time, and cut back between that and Jason’s mother. Like a Chris Nolan movie. With Alice as the center point, she would be there at the camp with Mama Voorhees, then two years later returning to the camp to face her fears only to encounter the son of the maniac she faced before who wishes to do vengeance on her for killing his mother. The film would be set in present time with Jason, but we’d tell Alice’s encounter with Mama Voorhees in flashbacks. I mean, I don’t know what these writers have planned, I mean, “These kids smoke better dope then I do.” Or do they? That’s just what I would do, I even wrote a little treatment for fun. Though most probably wouldn’t agree with bringing back Mama Voorhees, I just like including her more because people tend to forget that she started it all.

I put together my own Friday the 13th script. This is just what I would’ve done if I wrote a script

Whatever they have planned, I hope to god they don’t do a found-footage.¬†As much as I like found-footage, NO! NO! NO! No found-footage Friday.


Goonies: The Next Generation

After hearing of The Goonies sequel in development, I just don’t know what I feel about it. I feel that if they’re gonna do a sequel there’s only one thing they can probably do. Tell the next generation of Goonies, considering that most of the Goonies actors are grown up and probably retired. The idea is bringing in a new cast of young characters, tell a whole new story of kids going on adventures, some brand new, some who mirror the old characters, maybe some who are children of the former cast. I can see Josh Brolin being a dad to one of the new kids.

I have no idea what Donner and Spielberg have up their sleeves, but I feel that a story of the next generation seems like the only story that would really work in this time. But that’s just me.

Future of Captain America (SPOILERS)

After seeing Winter Soldier, my friend gave me an interesting theory of where they’ll take Captain America next.


Winter Soldier has brought back Bucky Barnes and hinted that Bucky is regaining his memory and that Hydra Agent Brock Rumlow has survived being left burned alive foreshadowing that he will return as Crossbones.

But one thing my friend brought up that our good friend Chris Evans claims he might retire from acting, which means Captain America may not return after the 3rd. Which brings up my friend’s theory: He believes that in the 3rd Captain America, Crossbones will kill Steve Rodgers and Bucky, after regaining his memory, will take up the shield and carry on for his friend Steve. All of this happens in the comic books where Steve dies and Bucky carries on, except it was Punisher (another Marvel character with a skull on his costume) who killed Cap. This theory is backed up by the fact that Sebastian Stan is contracted for 9 Marvel films, but unknown of what films they will be.

Even though I would probably dislike the idea of Steve Rodger dying, it would be a huge impact on the audience, the fact that they killed off a major Marvel character. My friend theorizes this by the fact that Bucky has returned, Stan is signed on for 9 films, that Evans might retire, and that this happened in the comic books.

This also makes you question what they will do about Iron Man once Robert Downey Jr.’s contract ends after Avengers 3. Will Iron Man die too?

X-Men Days of Future Past: Rogue’s Role

I was disappointed that Anna Paquin’s role was cut from the new X-Men, I was hoping they’d make her more useful like she is in the comics with her strength and flight powers. And I love Anna Paquin. Anywho, I recently heard they put her back in, but her role is as they described as a “cameo”, I just hope it’s not too small that’s she’s in the background or something.

You know what I think would be cool for Rogue’s role in the movie that would be short and work. I thought it would be cool that Wolverine would be hesitant about going back in time. But Rogue is killed in battle, which is a great loss for Wolverine because she was like a daughter to him. So he decides to go hoping that changing the future might prevent her death. I think that would be cool, kinda give Wolverine a motivation, something to fight for to go back in time. I think it would have been cool.

Sinister Six and Venom Spin-Offs (Update)

I’ve heard reports of the spin-offs to The Amazing Spider-Man series. I liked Amazing Spider-Man, but I’m still loyal to Raimi’s Spider-Man and I wish they would’ve resolved it. But what are you gonna do.

Anywho, I hear the spin-offs will the Sinister Six and Venom after Amazing Spider-Man 3 and before Amazing Spider-Man 4. These guys surely are thinking ahead. Right now I wonder who the Sinister Six members will be. So far we’ve been introduced to Lizard and he’s still alive, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 has Rhino, Green Goblin, and Electro. Assuming that these villains are the beginning of the Sinister Six, that’s 4. But what about the other two. Now many people are speculating this right now that it will be Vulture and Doc Ock, because in the preview for Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows Vulture’s wings and Doc Ock’s tentacles.

Vulture & Doc Ock Tease

That’s 2 and that complete the six members. I think the 3rd Amazing Spider-Man will be Ock and Vulture. I could be wrong, they might have something entirely different, but it’s a pretty big tease. They even teased that Electro will not die in this one.

Also, Venom. I think Carnage will be the villain in the Venom spin-off. I think he’d be a good rival for Venom.

That’s my idea. Who knows?


It appears they’ve teased who are the Sinister Six, I was right about Vulture and Ock, but it appears that Electro and Lizard are not gonna be in it. It appears it’s gonna be Kraven and Mysterio, but we’re not sure about Mysterio, the 6th member is very vague.

Green Goblin

Sinister 6 Green Goblin

Dock Ock

Sinister 6 Doc Ock


Sinister 6 Vulture


Sinister 6 Rhino


Sinister 6 Kraven the Hunter

Mysterio (maybe)

Sinister 6 Mysterio (maybe)

The last one is hard to tell, it could be the Mysetrio from the ultimate comic books who didn’t have a dome, but a smoked head.

Spider-Man comic

Incredibles Sequel

Those of you who don’t know, they’ve greenlit an Incredibles sequel. I hope Brad Bird is involved. You know, I always thought when they did a sequel the villain would be this Baron Von Ruthless guy they referenced in the 1st movie. The guy that Frozone was talking about to Mr. Incredible when they were listening to the police scanner, the villain who was monologuing, “The dude has me on a platter, and he won’t shut up!” You know, the Supers Mr. Incredible, Elasticgirl, and Frozone would come out of retirement, and so would a Villain. Maybe the next story will show new heroes, like maybe the Supers’ return would inspire new Supers. That might be cool. But again, I like the idea of meeting this Baron Von Ruthless guy they referenced.