Sinister Six and Venom Spin-Offs (Update)

I’ve heard reports of the spin-offs to The Amazing Spider-Man series. I liked Amazing Spider-Man, but I’m still loyal to Raimi’s Spider-Man and I wish they would’ve resolved it. But what are you gonna do.

Anywho, I hear the spin-offs will the Sinister Six and Venom after Amazing Spider-Man 3 and before Amazing Spider-Man 4. These guys surely are thinking ahead. Right now I wonder who the Sinister Six members will be. So far we’ve been introduced to Lizard and he’s still alive, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 has Rhino, Green Goblin, and Electro. Assuming that these villains are the beginning of the Sinister Six, that’s 4. But what about the other two. Now many people are speculating this right now that it will be Vulture and Doc Ock, because in the preview for Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows Vulture’s wings and Doc Ock’s tentacles.

Vulture & Doc Ock Tease

That’s 2 and that complete the six members. I think the 3rd Amazing Spider-Man will be Ock and Vulture. I could be wrong, they might have something entirely different, but it’s a pretty big tease. They even teased that Electro will not die in this one.

Also, Venom. I think Carnage will be the villain in the Venom spin-off. I think he’d be a good rival for Venom.

That’s my idea. Who knows?


It appears they’ve teased who are the Sinister Six, I was right about Vulture and Ock, but it appears that Electro and Lizard are not gonna be in it. It appears it’s gonna be Kraven and Mysterio, but we’re not sure about Mysterio, the 6th member is very vague.

Green Goblin

Sinister 6 Green Goblin

Dock Ock

Sinister 6 Doc Ock


Sinister 6 Vulture


Sinister 6 Rhino


Sinister 6 Kraven the Hunter

Mysterio (maybe)

Sinister 6 Mysterio (maybe)

The last one is hard to tell, it could be the Mysetrio from the ultimate comic books who didn’t have a dome, but a smoked head.

Spider-Man comic


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