X-Men Days of Future Past: Rogue’s Role

I was disappointed that Anna Paquin’s role was cut from the new X-Men, I was hoping they’d make her more useful like she is in the comics with her strength and flight powers. And I love Anna Paquin. Anywho, I recently heard they put her back in, but her role is as they described as a “cameo”, I just hope it’s not too small that’s she’s in the background or something.

You know what I think would be cool for Rogue’s role in the movie that would be short and work. I thought it would be cool that Wolverine would be hesitant about going back in time. But Rogue is killed in battle, which is a great loss for Wolverine because she was like a daughter to him. So he decides to go hoping that changing the future might prevent her death. I think that would be cool, kinda give Wolverine a motivation, something to fight for to go back in time. I think it would have been cool.


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