Future of Captain America (SPOILERS)

After seeing Winter Soldier, my friend gave me an interesting theory of where they’ll take Captain America next.


Winter Soldier has brought back Bucky Barnes and hinted that Bucky is regaining his memory and that Hydra Agent Brock Rumlow has survived being left burned alive foreshadowing that he will return as Crossbones.

But one thing my friend brought up that our good friend Chris Evans claims he might retire from acting, which means Captain America may not return after the 3rd. Which brings up my friend’s theory: He believes that in the 3rd Captain America, Crossbones will kill Steve Rodgers and Bucky, after regaining his memory, will take up the shield and carry on for his friend Steve. All of this happens in the comic books where Steve dies and Bucky carries on, except it was Punisher (another Marvel character with a skull on his costume) who killed Cap. This theory is backed up by the fact that Sebastian Stan is contracted for 9 Marvel films, but unknown of what films they will be.

Even though I would probably dislike the idea of Steve Rodger dying, it would be a huge impact on the audience, the fact that they killed off a major Marvel character. My friend theorizes this by the fact that Bucky has returned, Stan is signed on for 9 films, that Evans might retire, and that this happened in the comic books.

This also makes you question what they will do about Iron Man once Robert Downey Jr.’s contract ends after Avengers 3. Will Iron Man die too?


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