Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot: Low Expectations (SPOILERS)

I just wanted to talk about the the new TMNT movie produced by Michael Bay. I have very low hopes for the movie due to the research I’ve read, if this research is correct

1st of all, I don’t know if I like Megan Fox as April O’Neil. Not that I have a problem with Megan Fox, I don’t mind her, I just don’t think she’d make a good April. I had heard that Jane Levy (Evil Dead) was considered, I could see her as April.

2nd, the CG doesn’t really look right to me, the Turtles look a little weird.

3rd, this is my main problem, they’re messing up the Shredder. I liked Shredder being Asian Oroku Saki who established the Foot Clan, who was the one who killed Splinter’s master and beginning their rivalry. There was just something about the confrontation between Splinter and Shredder at the end of the original movie that I really liked. “Now I will finish as I began with your ear!!!” “Death comes for us all Saki, but when you die, it will be………….without honor.”




But in this, it’s totally different. In this, Shredder isn’t Asian, he’s played by William Fichtner, and the worst part that I really hate. That Shredder is……….an alien in a human robot suit. Based on the TMNT 2003 cartoon series. Please! I don’t know if this is true, I hope not, but it probably is.




The point is, I really want to love this, a lot, because I love the Ninja Turtles and haven’t seen a good live-action movie in a long time. But I don’t see me liking this, I may, because I like a lot of movies that people don’t like. But I don’t have high hopes for this, and I’m sad for that. Now I know how people felt about Michael Bay butchering Transformers, because I never saw the original Transformers cartoon, so I wouldn’t know if he butchered. Don’t judge me.


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