Shane Black Returns to Predator: UPDATE

I just heard news that filmmaker and former Predator star Shane Black (Hawkins) is going to write and direct the next Predator movie. They call it a reboot. I hope that doesn’t mean reboot like Batman Begins and Amazing Spider-Man, if you know what I mean. But I really hope they make a new good Predator movie. I always liked the first Predator, Predator 2 is a very underrated, I like Predators a lot, AVP: Alien vs. Predator is my guilty pleasure, and AVPR: Aliens vs. Predator Requiem, well, let’s just say the only good thing about that movie is the Predator character, Wolf. I don’t know if I like the idea of Shane Black writing/directing Predator, now I’ve only seen his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which I like a lot, and Iron Man 3, which in my opinion is my least favorite in the Marvel Studios movies. I just don’t if he’s cut out for Predator. I have heard that the producers of Predator had considering bringing back Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Schwarzenegger did say he was approached for another film. I think that would be my dream Predator film to see Dutch facing the Predators again. But I doubt it.



It is in fact a sequel. Thank you Predator god.


The Thing’s Assimilations

I was watching The Thing again and I always wondered when who was assimilated and such, especially since none of the prime suspects were, and how could the Thing could gotten to the key to the blood freezer. The FAQ on IMDB gave me some ideas.

In my opinion, Palmer was assimilated first considering that he looked like the shadow the dog approached and Palmer was probably high when the Thing attacked him. Norris probably wasn’t attacked first because he was offered to be the leader but turned them down, the Thing probably would’ve wanted to be in charge. When MacReady, Norris, and Palmer find the crash site, Palmer was probably infected, but didn’t wanna risk taking on both MacReady and Norris. Blair must’ve been assimilated from doing all the autopsies on the bodies after Palmer, considering that he smashed up the chopper and used the pieces to build the ship later. Also, in the scene where Bennings was attacked and Windows caught him, he dropped Gary’s keys, giving Blair, since he’s the only one absent, the perfect opportunity to get to the fridge and put the keys back where Windows dropped them. Blair went on his spree so that they’d isolate them from the group to build his ship and divert their attention to Clark. Norris was probably infected third, probably by Palmer when someone blew the light out in the lab, they said it would’ve been the perfect time for someone to infected when they suspected MacReady. One of the two tried to assimilate Fuchs, but he burned himself before they could. Then one or both burned MacReady’s clothes to frame him. Blair was probably still building his ship. Norris’ copy probably imitated him so perfectly that it imitated his heart condition, Norris was even acting weird before everyone turn on MacReady. He probably bit off the Doc’s hands because either the defibrillator was hurting him, or the copy of Norris was messed up he had to abandon the body and move onto to another. After Palmer was discovered, Blair probably realized he wouldn’t finish the ship in time and destroyed the generator for his backup plan.

Well, that’s it, that’s my theory. Whether Childs was infected, I cannot answer that. Blair could’ve gotten to him. We’ll leave that up to you guys.

Jason’s Fear of Water (Freddy vs. Jason)

I have one last Jason post I swear. This has bothered me after I saw the Jason movies after Freddy vs. Jason, don’t judge me. In Freddy vs. Jason, after Freddy realizes he unleashed a mad dog that’s taking his victims Freddy tries to put Jason down by taking him on on his own turf, the dream world. Freddy sedates Jason and brings him into the dream world where they have their first epic fight. Jason gets the upper hand when water pours down in front of him, which makes Jason pause staring at the water. Freddy says, “Ah, so you are afraid of something after all.” and rains water down on Jason, which turns him into a little kid shivering on the ground and bringing back Jason’s memory of when he drowned at Camp Crystal Lake when he was a child.

Fans cried foul. Jason has been seen many times around water. In Part 4, Jason stabbed a girl from underwater when she was on a raft. In Part 6, Tommy Jarvis lures Jason to the lake to trap him, Jason even walks into water with no problem. In Part 7, Jason grabbed a girl from underwater and pulled her under. And finally, in Part 8, Jason rose from the lake, hitched a ride on a boat to New York, and when it sank he swam to New York. Many fans dislike the idea of Jason being afraid of water since it doesn’t sync with the other movies, Kane Hodder even expressed on the Crystal Lake Memories documentary that he would’ve fought to veto that idea if he was hired for Freddy vs. Jason. According to the original writers of Freddy vs. Jason in the same documentary, they said that they did not write that in their script, that it was put in after a rewrite. They indicate their idea was that Jason had a subconscious fear of “drowning.”

Which leads me to my theory. See when they said that Jason was “subconsciously” afraid of water it gave me the idea that Jason is only afraid of water in the dream world. The subconscious sometimes lies dreams, which Freddy is an expert at manipulating. In the real world, Jason isn’t afraid of water, which makes sense since Jason didn’t shiver up when he fought Freddy on the dock of Camp Crystal Lake. The point is, Jason’s memory of drowning came back to him when he fought Freddy in the dream world, Freddy just used that memory and fear against him, especially since Jason turns into a child in that scene. In other words, Jason is afraid of water in the dream world, but isn’t in the real world.

That’s just my theory.

My Ranking of Friday the 13th from Best to Worst

I saw an article on the best to worst Friday the 13th movies. I couldn’t comment on it without starting an account. But I already started and I didn’t want it to go to waste and I posted my Friday the 13th script, so what the hell.

1) Original 1st (only because that’s what started it all and I like the originality of it)
2) Part 2 (first time we meet Jason, just wish he had the hockey mask)
3) Reboot (it just seems so simplistic and interesting, but could’ve been better)
4) Freddy vs. Jason (I just really love that movie a lot)
5) Jason Lives (it was okay, didn’t really like Jason being undead)
6) Final Chapter (I like Tommy Jarvis)
7) Part 3 (first time we get the hockey mask)
8) New Blood (didn’t like the telekinesis, but better then the ones below)
9) Takes Manhattan (could’ve had more Jason in New York and just a weak story)
10) X (I only like it because it’s so funny and stupid)
11) Goes to Hell (the body swapping was just dumb. If they had more Jason it probably would’ve been good)
12) New Beginning (not because of no Jason, just because it had the weakest story)

This isn’t complete cause I’m not fully sure myself, but the first 4 are good for sure.

Pamela Voorhees’ Past

I read this comic book a long time ago in the Friday the 13th franchise. It is called Pamela’s Tale, a two issue comic book about how Mrs. Voorhees became the murderous killer we know, that didn’t just start with her son’s drowning. The story begins with Annie, the counselor Mrs. Voorhees picks up in the original, where while she’s driving she tells her life story to Annie, and continues to tell her even after Pamela has killed her.


The story tells that Mrs. Voorhees lived in a trailer park with her abusive husband Elias Voorhees, whose name was take from the planned alternate ending Jason Lives where Elias visits Jason and Pamela’s graves. Pamela was crazy believing her unborn was talking to her, influencing her to kill Elias so that he would never hurt her or her baby again. After murdering her husband, we see her move to Crystal Lake where she became a great cook in a dinner and then was offered to cook at Camp Crystal Lake by the Christies. After accepting the job, she goes into labor and gives birth to her deformed son, Jason. The doctors were repulsed by his appearance, but to her, he was beautiful. Annie gets freaked out when Pamela takes a different route to Crystal Lake, just like in the original where she jumps out of the car and Mrs. Voorhees kills her. She then takes Annie’s body, puts her in the passenger seat, and continues telling the story. We see Jason grow to be 8 years old where the babysitter complains that Jason has been killing small, wild animals. Pamela didn’t want Jason to be around other people feeling like only she can raise him and was hard to watch him and keep her job at the camp. So the Christies offer for Jason to stay at the camp where the counselors can watch him. But we know where that goes. The two counselors, Barry and Claudette leave to have sex in the woods. Jason interrupts and Barry chases him into the lake where he sinks and drowns. Pamela, angered by her son’s death, she takes revenge into her own hands a year later, where she stalks Barry and Claudette, who weren’t even reprimanded for Jason’s death, and kills them both. The two who die in the beginning of the 1st movie. Then we cut back to present time where she finishes telling her story to Annie’s corpse and the story ends with Mrs. Voorhees arriving at the camp where she meets with Alice.


I love this comic book a lot. But there are some continuity errors, if you count all 11 Friday the 13th movies.

For example, Jason had a sister in Jason Goes to Hell, Diana Kimble. The comic book makes no reference to that at all, we didn’t see Mrs. Voorhees give birth to a daughter and Mrs. Voorhees said in the original that Jason was her only child. The only explanation was that Diana was born after Jason by her father Elias Voorhees, but in this comic book, Pamela killed Elias making no way for him to conceive Diana. Either way, the comic book makes no reference to Jason Goes to Hell.

Also, Freddy vs. Jason has  Jason drowning a different way. In Jason’s dream flashback, we see him being bullied by the other kids at Camp Crystal Lake while the counselors are having sex. It even explains why Jason wore a burlap sack in Part 2, because while the kids were bullying him one kid threw a sack over his head and said, “Try this on!” The kids push Jason in the lake and he drowns. Which I feel is a much better drowning of Jason considering that he drowned because Mrs. Voorhees said that the counselors weren’t watching him as opposed to Jason interrupting them having sex and them chasing him into the lake.

Lastly, Mrs. Voorhees is telling her story to Annie while they’re driving, but shouldn’t she be at the camp popping off the other counselors? I mean, she could’ve easily stopped at the camp killing the counselors and got back to the jeep to continue her story to Annie’s corpse. But still, it would’ve been nicer to see her actually doing the killing, I feel like the comic makes it look like she’s been in the jeep throughout the first movie.

Other then those continuity errors,  I think the story is perfect. But I think they could’ve easily have been fixed. I think it would’ve been better if she eloped with her boyfriend Elias Voorhees. But he left her and she had to move back in with her abusive father and she kills him instead. With Elias Voorhees still around, then it would explain Diana being around in Jason Goes to Hell. Change the drowning scene with the same scene from Freddy vs. Jason. Lastly, we should see Mrs. Voorhees killing the counselors at the camp so it doesn’t look like she’s in the jeep with Annie throughout the story.

That’s just what I would’ve done if I wrote this comic book and it would’ve synced more with the other movies.

Gap Between Freddy vs. Jason (vs. Ash 1and2) and Jason X?

After watching all the Jason films awhile ago, I have to ask. What happened between the events of Freddy vs. Jason and Jason X?


Freddy vs. Jason ends with Freddy Krueger being decapitated and Jason carrying Freddy’s head out of the lake where Freddy winks at the audience. Jason X shows Jason being captured in 2008 where he was held captive till 2010 at a facility built on Crystal Lake where he escaped and is frozen for 445 years. What happened between that? Did Jason go back to his cabin where he was captured and left Freddy’s head behind, or was Freddy’s head captured as well? Maybe for a sci-fi Freddy Krueger film? Kidding.

There was also a comic book written, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash where the two icons are challenged by Evil Dead’s chainsaw handed Ash. It was written based on a treatment of a planned movie but was shut down after negotiations broke down between New Line and Ash creator Sam Raimi. Jason Goes to Hell also referenced Evil Dead a lot with the Necronomicon being in the Voorhees house and the dagger used to kill Jason was one from Evil Dead. The comic was very good, it even got a sequel that was just as good, even brought in characters from the original movies: Tina (New Blood), Alice (Dream Master), Tommy Jarvis (Fridays 4-6), Maggie (Freddy’s Dead), and others. Anywho, as great as the comic books were, they still didn’t explain the gap between Freddy vs. Jason and Jason X. The 2nd comic ends with Tommy decapitating Jason, Freddy absorbing Jason’s soul and the Necronomicon being sucked into a vortex where Freddy loses his powers and is gunned down by Ash. With nothing left of Jason but his hockey mask, you hear Jason’s mother’s voice being spoken saying, “You can not die. You can never die.” And a government agent who had been sucked through the vortex to arrive in the past in Springwood where Krueger is about to be arrested, and the agent signs the arrest warrant the judge forgot to sign. Don’t get me started on the fact that, he may be an government agent and has the authority to sign it, he probably don’t count in the past because he probably doesn’t exist yet. Did he jumpstart the events of Nightmare on Elm Street causing the technicality that would lead to Freddy’s release and creation?

But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, how does this lead into Jason X? Jason was absorbed leaving nothing but his hockey mask. How do you come back from that? Do they plan a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 3 some day? Or was it cancelled? Did they just simply retcon Jason X?


Another good question, how did Jason get back to Crystal Lake after hitching a ride of Manhattan? Did he wash down the sewers all the way back to Crystal Lake? Also, in Jason Goes to Hell, Steven Freeman said they tore down the cabins, yet in Freddy vs. Jason we see it’s still standing. Was it rebuilt? Was Steven wrong?


I read online that, “apparently” the camp in Freddy vs. Jason was was a reconstruction, they must’ve rebuilt the cabins. I had assumed that cabins were old derelicts of the camp from the previous movies. But I recall seeing construction, I thought they were building something over it. But I can buy that it was them rebuilding the camp.

SPOILERS: X-Men: Original Timeline

I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was incredible. I loved it a lot. It was just so perfect. But it has me wondering what was it like in the original timeline between First Class and the 1st X-Men before Wolverine intervened:



In this movie they establish that a lot of the First Class X-Men and Brotherhood had been killed, the Xavier School was shut down after the students got drafted, Xavier started taking high doses of a serum to allow him to walk which relinquished his powers, Magneto was in jail, Wolverine was working for the mob (probably between leaving Stryker and meeting Kayla), and Mystique was on her own doing her own thing.

These are my questions:

When did Magneto get out of jail and when he and Xavier revive their friendship? They had to have since the two were together when they recruited Jean Grey. Magneto also must’ve helped him upgrade Cerebro in that time since Xavier said he helped him build it and why Xavier can’t use it to track Magneto in the 1st. And when did they become enemies again?

When did Xavier give up the serum and stop being a dick? He obviously still used it in Last Stand to recruit Jean Grey, same in Origins when he freed the Mutants on Three-Mile Island. He probably still had his power because Beast said that he took too much of it to make him walk longer, but with enough doses he could walk and still have his powers. Maybe. I think that’s what Beast said.

So many questions about what happened in the original timeline before Wolverine went back in time. I think that would be an interesting animated film right there:

X-Men: The Lost Adventures

It would be like, seeing what happened in the timeline of Terminator before the 2nd Terminator and the T-100 interfered in the timeline.


I also wanna point out that Stryker was way too young in Days of Future Past compared with his First Class and Origins counterparts, same with Xavier’s counterpart in Days and Origins since Three Mile Island was just a few years after the year of Days of Future Past. But I’m not one to nitpick.