Gap Between Freddy vs. Jason (vs. Ash 1and2) and Jason X?

After watching all the Jason films awhile ago, I have to ask. What happened between the events of Freddy vs. Jason and Jason X?


Freddy vs. Jason ends with Freddy Krueger being decapitated and Jason carrying Freddy’s head out of the lake where Freddy winks at the audience. Jason X shows Jason being captured in 2008 where he was held captive till 2010 at a facility built on Crystal Lake where he escaped and is frozen for 445 years. What happened between that? Did Jason go back to his cabin where he was captured and left Freddy’s head behind, or was Freddy’s head captured as well? Maybe for a sci-fi Freddy Krueger film? Kidding.

There was also a comic book written, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash where the two icons are challenged by Evil Dead’s chainsaw handed Ash. It was written based on a treatment of a planned movie but was shut down after negotiations¬†broke down between New Line and Ash creator Sam Raimi. Jason Goes to Hell also referenced Evil Dead a lot with the Necronomicon being in the Voorhees house and the dagger used to kill Jason was one from Evil Dead. The comic was very good, it even got a sequel that was just as good, even brought in characters from the original movies: Tina (New Blood), Alice (Dream Master), Tommy Jarvis (Fridays 4-6), Maggie (Freddy’s Dead), and others. Anywho, as great as the comic books were, they still didn’t explain the gap between Freddy vs. Jason and Jason X. The 2nd comic ends with Tommy decapitating Jason, Freddy absorbing Jason’s soul and the Necronomicon being sucked into a vortex where Freddy loses his powers and is gunned down by Ash. With nothing left of Jason but his hockey mask, you hear Jason’s mother’s voice being spoken saying, “You can not die. You can never die.” And a government agent who had been sucked through the vortex to arrive in the past in Springwood where Krueger is about to be arrested, and the agent signs the arrest warrant the judge forgot to sign. Don’t get me started on the fact that, he may be an government agent and has the authority to sign it, he probably don’t count in the past because he probably doesn’t exist yet. Did he jumpstart the events of Nightmare on Elm Street causing the technicality that would lead to Freddy’s release and creation?

But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, how does this lead into Jason X? Jason was absorbed leaving nothing but his hockey mask. How do you come back from that? Do they plan a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 3 some day? Or was it cancelled? Did they just simply retcon Jason X?


Another good question, how did Jason get back to Crystal Lake after hitching a ride of Manhattan? Did he wash down the sewers all the way back to Crystal Lake? Also, in Jason Goes to Hell, Steven Freeman said they tore down the cabins, yet in Freddy vs. Jason we see it’s still standing. Was it rebuilt? Was Steven wrong?


I read online that, “apparently” the camp in Freddy vs. Jason was was a reconstruction, they must’ve rebuilt the cabins. I had assumed that cabins were old derelicts of the camp from the previous movies. But I recall seeing construction, I thought they were building something over it. But I can buy that it was them rebuilding the camp.


7 thoughts on “Gap Between Freddy vs. Jason (vs. Ash 1and2) and Jason X?

  1. I like to go with the idea that the reboot happened in between Freddy vs Jason and Jason x, now hear me out we lean in Jason x that Jason has regenerative powers which would explain why he looks more human and less zombie like, I like to go with this theory because it does kinda show what he’s been up to in between those films without making too bad of a plot hole, idk what do you think?

    • I think the reboot is a reboot, which means separate continuity from the original series.

      • That’s ok as well, from what most of the crew of the film have said they aren’t too sure what the film is supposed to be, a lot of the cast considers it a hard reboot while the writers consider it part of the old series so I guess it’s whatever the viewer decides it is, anyways there’s also a graphic novel by Jimmy Palmiotti, and Justin Gray which takes place a little bit after Freddy vs Jason which explains that Jason is a revenant brought back by an old Native American curse on the land, check it out.

      • I know what the writers said, I’ve seen the Crystal Lake Memories documentary a dozen times. And I don’t buy that. I say what it is, a reboot, because there is no way that movie is in the same continuity as the rest of the series. Considering we see Jason watch his mother’s death when he’s a child, when we both know that in the original series he was fully grown by then.

        I think I’ve read that comic.

  2. You have a point Jason was like 8 or 10 at the beginning of the reboot, still would be nice to connect it, oh well, also that reminds me I have another theory, ok what if the ending to the first film wasn’t a dream but a reality, what if Jason really did come back to life at that moment, now from what I can remember they never really say exactly how old he was when he drowned in 1957 so let’s say he was 13 since that was around how old the actor playing him was, ok 2, 3, and 4 take place 5 years later that would give him enough time to grow up to being 6 feet tall at the age of 18, also since we never get a good look at him at the beginning of part 2 when he kills Alice we could maybe say he was 5 something or around her height at least, that would explain why he never tried to find his mother or save her from getting killed.

    p.s. that would also mean he would be around 16 years old when he attacked Chris 2 years before part 2.

    What do you think?

    • I don’t know what to tell you, I don’t think the reboot is in the same continuity as the original series. Quite frankly, I don’t think they should, because I like Jason being human in the reboot, aside to his head grinding in the wood-chipper, everything he endured was survivable. I prefer Jason and Michael as a human killer, not some walking zombie who can’t die. I find reality scarier than the supernatural, because find something that could really happen in real life scary, than something that can’t ever happen out of the bounds of reality.

  3. I actually agree with you on that, about horror stories based in reality being scarier than ones based in non-reality, it’s the reason the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre scared me so much as a kid because something like that could and probably already has happened in real life, I like to go with the supernatural when it comes to Jason simply because it just idk kinda helps me to connect some of the dots in the series but again I do agree with you completely about Jason being scarier as a human then an undead creature.

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