SPOILERS: X-Men: Original Timeline

I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was incredible. I loved it a lot. It was just so perfect. But it has me wondering what was it like in the original timeline between First Class and the 1st X-Men before Wolverine intervened:



In this movie they establish that a lot of the First Class X-Men and Brotherhood had been killed, the Xavier School was shut down after the students got drafted, Xavier started taking high doses of a serum to allow him to walk which relinquished his powers, Magneto was in jail, Wolverine was working for the mob (probably between leaving Stryker and meeting Kayla), and Mystique was on her own doing her own thing.

These are my questions:

When did Magneto get out of jail and when he and Xavier revive their friendship? They had to have since the two were together when they recruited Jean Grey. Magneto also must’ve helped him upgrade Cerebro in that time since Xavier said he helped him build it and why Xavier can’t use it to track Magneto in the 1st. And when did they become enemies again?

When did Xavier give up the serum and stop being a dick? He obviously still used it in Last Stand to recruit Jean Grey, same in Origins when he freed the Mutants on Three-Mile Island. He probably still had his power because Beast said that he took too much of it to make him walk longer, but with enough doses he could walk and still have his powers. Maybe. I think that’s what Beast said.

So many questions about what happened in the original timeline before Wolverine went back in time. I think that would be an interesting animated film right there:

X-Men: The Lost Adventures

It would be like, seeing what happened in the timeline of Terminator before the 2nd Terminator and the T-100 interfered in the timeline.


I also wanna point out that Stryker was way too young in Days of Future Past compared with his First Class and Origins counterparts, same with Xavier’s counterpart in Days and Origins since Three Mile Island was just a few years after the year of Days of Future Past. But I’m not one to nitpick.


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