Pamela Voorhees’ Past

I read this comic book a long time ago in the Friday the 13th franchise. It is called Pamela’s Tale, a two issue comic book about how Mrs. Voorhees became the murderous killer we know, that didn’t just start with her son’s drowning. The story begins with Annie, the counselor Mrs. Voorhees picks up in the original, where while she’s driving she tells her life story to Annie, and continues to tell her even after Pamela has killed her.


The story tells that Mrs. Voorhees lived in a trailer park with her abusive husband Elias Voorhees, whose name was take from the planned alternate ending Jason Lives where Elias visits Jason and Pamela’s graves. Pamela was crazy believing her unborn was talking to her, influencing her to kill Elias so that he would never hurt her or her baby again. After murdering her husband, we see her move to Crystal Lake where she became a great cook in a dinner and then was offered to cook at Camp Crystal Lake by the Christies. After accepting the job, she goes into labor and gives birth to her deformed son, Jason. The doctors were repulsed by his appearance, but to her, he was beautiful. Annie gets freaked out when Pamela takes a different route to Crystal Lake, just like in the original where she jumps out of the car and Mrs. Voorhees kills her. She then takes Annie’s body, puts her in the passenger seat, and continues telling the story. We see Jason grow to be 8 years old where the babysitter complains that Jason has been killing small, wild animals. Pamela didn’t want Jason to be around other people feeling like only she can raise him and was hard to watch him and keep her job at the camp. So the Christies offer for Jason to stay at the camp where the counselors can watch him. But we know where that goes. The two counselors, Barry and Claudette leave to have sex in the woods. Jason interrupts and Barry chases him into the lake where he sinks and drowns. Pamela, angered by her son’s death, she takes revenge into her own hands a year later, where she stalks Barry and Claudette, who weren’t even reprimanded for Jason’s death, and kills them both. The two who die in the beginning of the 1st movie. Then we cut back to present time where she finishes telling her story to Annie’s corpse and the story ends with Mrs. Voorhees arriving at the camp where she meets with Alice.


I love this comic book a lot. But there are some continuity errors, if you count all 11 Friday the 13th movies.

For example, Jason had a sister in Jason Goes to Hell, Diana Kimble. The comic book makes no reference to that at all, we didn’t see Mrs. Voorhees give birth to a daughter and Mrs. Voorhees said in the original that Jason was her only child. The only explanation was that Diana was born after Jason by her father Elias Voorhees, but in this comic book, Pamela killed Elias making no way for him to conceive Diana. Either way, the comic book makes no reference to Jason Goes to Hell.

Also, Freddy vs. Jason has  Jason drowning a different way. In Jason’s dream flashback, we see him being bullied by the other kids at Camp Crystal Lake while the counselors are having sex. It even explains why Jason wore a burlap sack in Part 2, because while the kids were bullying him one kid threw a sack over his head and said, “Try this on!” The kids push Jason in the lake and he drowns. Which I feel is a much better drowning of Jason considering that he drowned because Mrs. Voorhees said that the counselors weren’t watching him as opposed to Jason interrupting them having sex and them chasing him into the lake.

Lastly, Mrs. Voorhees is telling her story to Annie while they’re driving, but shouldn’t she be at the camp popping off the other counselors? I mean, she could’ve easily stopped at the camp killing the counselors and got back to the jeep to continue her story to Annie’s corpse. But still, it would’ve been nicer to see her actually doing the killing, I feel like the comic makes it look like she’s been in the jeep throughout the first movie.

Other then those continuity errors,  I think the story is perfect. But I think they could’ve easily have been fixed. I think it would’ve been better if she eloped with her boyfriend Elias Voorhees. But he left her and she had to move back in with her abusive father and she kills him instead. With Elias Voorhees still around, then it would explain Diana being around in Jason Goes to Hell. Change the drowning scene with the same scene from Freddy vs. Jason. Lastly, we should see Mrs. Voorhees killing the counselors at the camp so it doesn’t look like she’s in the jeep with Annie throughout the story.

That’s just what I would’ve done if I wrote this comic book and it would’ve synced more with the other movies.


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