Jason’s Fear of Water (Freddy vs. Jason)

I have one last Jason post I swear. This has bothered me after I saw the Jason movies after Freddy vs. Jason, don’t judge me. In Freddy vs. Jason, after Freddy realizes he unleashed a mad dog that’s taking his victims Freddy tries to put Jason down by taking him on on his own turf, the dream world. Freddy sedates Jason and brings him into the dream world where they have their first epic fight. Jason gets the upper hand when water pours down in front of him, which makes Jason pause staring at the water. Freddy says, “Ah, so you are afraid of something after all.” and rains water down on Jason, which turns him into a little kid shivering on the ground and bringing back Jason’s memory of when he drowned at Camp Crystal Lake when he was a child.

Fans cried foul. Jason has been seen many times around water. In Part 4, Jason stabbed a girl from underwater when she was on a raft. In Part 6, Tommy Jarvis lures Jason to the lake to trap him, Jason even walks into water with no problem. In Part 7, Jason grabbed a girl from underwater and pulled her under. And finally, in Part 8, Jason rose from the lake, hitched a ride on a boat to New York, and when it sank he swam to New York. Many fans dislike the idea of Jason being afraid of water since it doesn’t sync with the other movies, Kane Hodder even expressed on the Crystal Lake Memories documentary that he would’ve fought to veto that idea if he was hired for Freddy vs. Jason. According to the original writers of Freddy vs. Jason in the same documentary, they said that they did not write that in their script, that it was put in after a rewrite. They indicate their idea was that Jason had a subconscious fear of “drowning.”

Which leads me to my theory. See when they said that Jason was “subconsciously” afraid of water it gave me the idea that Jason is only afraid of water in the dream world. The subconscious sometimes lies dreams, which Freddy is an expert at manipulating. In the real world, Jason isn’t afraid of water, which makes sense since Jason didn’t shiver up when he fought Freddy on the dock of Camp Crystal Lake. The point is, Jason’s memory of drowning came back to him when he fought Freddy in the dream world, Freddy just used that memory and fear against him, especially since Jason turns into a child in that scene. In other words, Jason is afraid of water in the dream world, but isn’t in the real world.

That’s just my theory.


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