Ashley J. Williams Returns

I recently heard that Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi and Ash Williams actor Bruce Campbell are ┬áplanning an Evil Dead TV series. I don’t know what they’re planning, but I wonder what happened to the news of the Army of Darkness sequel, and what is going on with the sequel to the Evil Dead remake. I’m sure they’ll elaborate eventually.

Whatever they have planned, I could see them doing something like this:

After Ash returned from past in Army of Darkness, he said the words wrong, the Necronomicon’s pages have been ripped apart bringing about an army of Deadites all over the world trying to conquer it. In order to stop this evil, Ash travels the world with his boomstick, his chainsaw, and his beat-up Oldsmobile seeking the pages and send each monster back to hell. I mean, maybe he can also time travel and stuff through his travels.

That could be cool. Who knows what they got up their sleeves? Hail to the king baby.


Aliens Continuity Change

A friend told me about this place on Facebook. He actually thought I started it. I was surprised that someone cared about this as much as I did.

This is something I feel is very near and dear to my heart. The idea of a slight Aliens reboot, direct sequel to Aliens only and ignoring Alien3 and Alien Resurrection. It’s something I feel very strongly about and if you know about my fan fictions then you know what I’m talking about. I wanted to spread the word of this page.

Will Clive Owen Return for Sin City 2? (Updated)

I am a recent fan of the movie Sin City and I plan to read the comics sometime. I’m probably the last person to have seen Sin City. And I am excited about the sequel, A Dame to Kill For. Though I’m a little worried about it since two of the stories are made up for the movie, Jessica Alba’s and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s. Anywho, the reason I bring this up is because my favorite character in the first movie was Dwight, played by Clive Owen. But, since A Dame to Kill For proceeds Dwight’s story, The Big Fat Kill, in the first movie, Dwight will be played by Josh Brolin because this was before Dwight had his plastic surgery, which altered his face into Clive Owen. This was referenced in the first movie by Shellie “Before you showed up with┬áthat new face of yours.” and Dwight himself, “If you’re a murderer with a new face you’re only one fingerprint-check away from the gas chamber.”

Anywho, most of the story with Dwight in A Dame to Kill For will be played by Josh Brolin and I think Clive Owen said that he hasn’t heard anything about the sequel, not to mention he’s not in the credits. I know it’s for story’s sake, but I really liked Clive Owen in Sin City. But I’m curious. Because I read up on the comic book, Dwight gets his new face somewhere in the last segment of A Dame to Kill For, so that would be a time to need Clive Owen for the movie. So I’m wondering, does Clive Owen have a secret cameo in the movie that they’re keeping under wraps? This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve kept roles secret from the audience, such as Star Trek Into Darkness and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

I’m really hoping we’ll see Clive Owen Dame to Kill For, because it should be part of the story and because Clive Owen is badass as Dwight. Ahh, they’re probably end up having him get his new face at the very end with no appearance of Owen.


Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 10.54.39 AM

I just saw the new TV spot for the movie and snapped this pic from it. After recently reading the A Dame to Kill For comic book, this scene should be the point in the movie after Dwight has his facial surgery, or Josh Brolin becomes Clive Owen. But as you can see here, that doesn’t look like Clive Owen. I looks like Josh Brolin with Clive Owen’s hair. So I guess he’s not coming back. Which is a shame since he’s a badass and they’d only need him for like 15 minutes of the movie, more or less.