Ashley J. Williams Returns

I recently heard that Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi and Ash Williams actor Bruce Campbell are  planning an Evil Dead TV series. I don’t know what they’re planning, but I wonder what happened to the news of the Army of Darkness sequel, and what is going on with the sequel to the Evil Dead remake. I’m sure they’ll elaborate eventually.

Whatever they have planned, I could see them doing something like this:

After Ash returned from past in Army of Darkness, he said the words wrong, the Necronomicon’s pages have been ripped apart bringing about an army of Deadites all over the world trying to conquer it. In order to stop this evil, Ash travels the world with his boomstick, his chainsaw, and his beat-up Oldsmobile seeking the pages and send each monster back to hell. I mean, maybe he can also time travel and stuff through his travels.

That could be cool. Who knows what they got up their sleeves? Hail to the king baby.


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