Walking Dead Ending Prediction

The Walking Dead TV series is by far the best show I have ever watched and I love it a lot. I nor anyone else can predict how it will end. Robert Kirkman says he has no plans to end the series, he wants to keep it going as long as possible. I just hope he has enough material.

How I’d like it to end:

I believe in most happy endings, but Walking Dead usually doesn’t have happy endings, I don’t blame them. What I’d like to happen is one day the zombie outbreak just ends. Like one day someone dies and doesn’t come back. But that probably ain’t gonna happen. George Romero had an ending like that planned for Day of the Dead, but he vetoed it.
How it probably will end:

Me and my brother believe that the series will end with the death of the lead character Rick Grimes at the hand of probably their greatest threat yet. Rick would tell Carl on his deathbed to carry on for him, that after everything they’ve been through, he’s finally ready. It kinda ends the way 28 Days Later was suppose to end, beginning with Rick waking up, and ending with Rick dying. After Rick dies Carl would make sure he doesn’t come back. Then we’d cut to years later where Carl is all grown up, wearing his father’s hat, and leading the group, carrying on for Rick in their never ending fight against Walkers.

I mean that’s what I think could happen, I’m not saying it will. I can see the series ending before the comic books since comic books are not limited by actors’ contracts or age. I believe the comics and the show will end different ways. I just hope the ending they come up with will be satisfying, since most TV ending don’t usually turn out good. Lost anyone?



As a collector of Halloween costume and prop, I recently purchased a Chucky doll, at the same time, AMC was having a Chucky marathon. Except it only played Child’s Play 2 to Seed of Chucky, which is outrageous, but it’s all about rights.

Anywho, it got me thinking about the old doll face. You know, Chucky is the only slasher film series where the original creator, Don Mancini, was onboard for all of them. Most creators want to get away from the franchise they defined, but he wrote all of them, and directed the last two.

Chucky was an interesting character to me, well 1-3 and Curse anyway. Grissom from CSI said it best, “Freud’s theory of the Uncanny raises the point that as children we want the doll to come to life, but as adults, we are terrified by the idea. Doll could represent the uncanny that is feared – the Sandman.” What little kid doesn’t want his toy to come to life and play with him. The idea of Chucky is that he is every child’s dream becoming a nightmare.

Which is why I wasn’t a fan of Bride and Seed, what was Mancini thinking? Bride and Seed got away from the horror and child oriented storyline it started as. Bride had an okay idea but still diverted away from the horror genre. The only thing I liked about Seed was that Chucky decides he wants to remain a doll. That’s why Curse is one of my favorites cause it brought the series back to it’s roots and washed the taint of Bride and Seed out of my mouth. The stinger (post-credits scene) was awesome, you know what I’m talking about.

I hear Mancini is planning another film sometime. I hope if he does do one, he should stay away from the comedy and make it straight up horror. Chucky is comedic sometimes, but he is better scary.

So Chucky is better making us scream, instead of laugh.

Aliens Plot Holes That Should Be Rectified

I haven’t posted in awhile I know, but I haven’t found a topic until now.

Anywho, I recall two major plot holes regarding the gap between Alien and Aliens. See, Alien/Aliens fans debated for years that Wey-Yu set up the crew of the Nostromo, mainly because of the Ash android on the ship protecting the Alien, and also because Ash was put on the ship two days before they left the planet Thedus. The lines were:

Ripley: “Did you ever ship out with Ash before?”
Dallas: “I went on five voyages with a different science officer, they replaced him two days before we left Thedus with Ash.”

This has led Alien fans to believe that Wey-Yu knew about the Derelict and the Aliens and set up the Nostromo crew to bring one back alive. But here are the plot holes. If Wey-Yu knew about the Derelict and the Aliens and set up the Nostromo crew, why did they wait 57 years to go back to LV-426 after the Nostromo went missing, and also, if the warning beacon that led the Nostromo to it, why didn’t the people building Hadley’s Hope or the colonists in the 20 years it was established didn’t encounter it? In fact, according to the Aliens Special Edition, Burke sent the colonists, particularly Newt and her family, the Jordans, to the Derelict after Ripley was discovered.

James Cameron said that the beacon stopped transmitting because the ship was damaged by volcanic activity since Ash in Alien said LV-426 was lava based. In fact, in the original Alien script, one of the Nostormo crew members (their names were different in the original script) actually found the source of the transmission in the ship’s control room and turned it off.

So I wanted to rectify those plot holes. In my recent rewrites of my scripts and my short story Ultramorph, Wey-Yu didn’t know the exact details of the Derelict and the Aliens, they just knew that there was “some” evidence of alien life on LV-426 from the warning beacon, but that was it. In my current draft, I used Cameron’s explanation, the Derelict was damaged by volcanic activity. But I actually considered changing it to the original Alien script idea, that when the Nostromo crew found the Derelict they actually turned off the beacon. After the Nostromo went missing and the beacon stopped transmitting, they didn’t know the location of the Derelict until after Ripley and her shuttle’s flight data recorder was recovered and told them where it was.

That’s what I got to rectify the plot holes. Right now it’s the volcanic activity that destroyed the beacon, but I wonder if I should change it to the Nostromo crew turning off the beacon.