Walking Dead Ending Prediction

The Walking Dead TV series is by far the best show I have ever watched and I love it a lot. I nor anyone else can predict how it will end. Robert Kirkman says he has no plans to end the series, he wants to keep it going as long as possible. I just hope he has enough material.

How I’d like it to end:

I believe in most happy endings, but Walking Dead usually doesn’t have happy endings, I don’t blame them. What I’d like to happen is one day the zombie outbreak just ends. Like one day someone dies and doesn’t come back. But that probably ain’t gonna happen. George Romero had an ending like that planned for Day of the Dead, but he vetoed it.
How it probably will end:

Me and my brother believe that the series will end with the death of the lead character Rick Grimes at the hand of probably their greatest threat yet. Rick would tell Carl on his deathbed to carry on for him, that after everything they’ve been through, he’s finally ready. It kinda ends the way 28 Days Later was suppose to end, beginning with Rick waking up, and ending with Rick dying. After Rick dies Carl would make sure he doesn’t come back. Then we’d cut to years later where Carl is all grown up, wearing his father’s hat, and leading the group, carrying on for Rick in their never ending fight against Walkers.

I mean that’s what I think could happen, I’m not saying it will. I can see the series ending before the comic books since comic books are not limited by actors’ contracts or age. I believe the comics and the show will end different ways. I just hope the ending they come up with will be satisfying, since most TV ending don’t usually turn out good. Lost anyone?


2 thoughts on “Walking Dead Ending Prediction

  1. Joaquin Molina says:

    I hope the walking dead doesn’t end where the group is overpowered and about to be killed. Then blacks out and shows rick waking up in the hospital in the beginning and means it was all a dream

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