Paranormal Activity Sequels Should Have More Prologues and Epilogues

I wanna start by saying I’m a fan of the Paranormal Activity movies, I’ve seen all of them. Interestingly enough, it was my sister who got me interested in them, because I’m usually the one in this family into a horror movies. Anywho, I noticed something about the sequels after the 2nd one that they don’t do anymore that kinda irks me that they stopped doing. The Epilogues Texts. See, at the end of the 1st and 2nd movie, they show little texts that explain what happened after the footage ends and how the footage was recovered.


The 1st one said that the footage was recovered after Micha’s body was found and that in the 2nd the police investigated after Ali (the lead girl in PA2 and Katie’s sister’s step-daughter) came home from a school trip. After 2 they stop doing that, which bothers me because I don’t understand where the footage comes from. In PA3, we’re watching the VHS tapes that Katie and Kris’ mom’s boyfriend recorded. The tapes were stolen by the covenant, or whatever they are, in the robbery that started PA2. I don’t understand that. How are we watching these tapes if the covenant stole them? We even see the tapes in the PA: The Marked Ones (which is my least favorite by the way) when the kids were looking around the old lady’s house. And again, in PA4, we don’t know where the footage came from, was it found after Alex and her family disappeared, did the covenant take it? The point is, found footage are mostly, and should be, films made to look like they were found after real events. That’s why they call it FOUND FOOTAGE, if they don’t explain where the footage came from then it might as well not be a found footage movie.

I feel that in PA3, the tapes never should’ve been stolen and were actually found after Katie killed her sister and her husband and stole their baby. The film should’ve began with something like, “The film you are about to see is from the VHS footage that was recovered from the Rey home after the incident that resulted in their deaths.” and PA4 should’ve ended with something like, “The footage was recovered from Ben’s computer after his death and Alex’s camera was discovered outside the house she disappeared. Alex and her brother Wyatt’s whereabouts are still unknown, and Katie and her accomplices are still at large.” As for PA: The Marked Ones, I don’t know what to say about that since it ended with the kid and the camera being sent back in time, but they could’ve said something about how it was recovered.

This is just my opinion, if they don’t explain where the footage came from it doesn’t feel like much of the point of it being found footage.

I hear news of a PA5 soon and that they do have an endgame planned. I hope so, I hope they wrap up the series and explain where all this footage came from.