Amazing Spider-Man Franchise: Cancelled?! WTF?!

After they announced they rebooted the Spider-Man franchise after Spider-Man 3 I was so disappointed. Because I felt Spider-Man 3 could’ve been redeemed in a 4th, I didn’t want Spider-Man 3 to be the end of Sam Raimi’s series. I avoided The Amazing Spider-Man for a long time, until I recorded it on one of my movie channels just to form an opinion of it. And I liked it, I liked it a lot even though I was still loyal to Raimi. Then I saw Amazing Spider-Man 2, which I thought was a good movie, Electro was great. I mean, Green Goblin might’ve been a little forced, but it was less forced than the stuff they squeezed into Spider-Man 3. Anywho, I was excited about the plans they had for The Amazing Spider-Man with Sinister Six, Venom, and a 3rd and maybe even 4th Spidey movie.

But due the recent news, all that excitement is all for not. The Sony Hacks have revealed that all those plans have been cancelled, Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn’t do very well, so, like Sony said before as a last resort, they’re gonna give it to Disney. I love the idea of Spidey being with the Avengers, that is great. But I don’t want another reboot. I just moved on from Raimi’s Spidey franchise and I was willing to accept Amazing Spidey. Basically what ticks me off, is that I feel that if Sony starts something it should finish it. They had so much plans for Amazing Spidey and I was looking forward to it and now they’re throwing all that out the window. It makes me sad.

I mean, if they’re gonna include Spidey in the Avengers, they might as well use Andrew Garfield’s Spidey instead of starting from scratch, again. My friend tells me that they’re not gonna tell Spidey’s origin story again, and start with Parker already Spidey in adulthood, and that the two of the ideas they’re workshopping is Spidey would work with the Sinister Six against Venom and Carnage or use the Kraven’s Last Hunt as the storyline. Sinister Six sounds nice, but I don’t like Kraven’s Last Hunt, I mean I’m sure it’s a great story, but I don’t know if it’s what I want in the next reboot.

I am just so disappointed. I got over Raimi’s Spider-Man, now I got to get over Webb’s Spider-Man. Again, if you started something, you should at least finish it. Like Dark Knight, they finished it before they rebooted it again, that’s why I’m okay with the Batman reboot, because the first was done and ended. Neither Raimi nor Webb’s ended with a good resolution.


I also heard a rumor that they offered to bring Raimi back. As much as I like it to be true, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. They’ve all moved on.

So sad right now.


Evil Dead Book of the Dead Limited Edition DVD Secret Codes

I took on a new project lately. My brother-in-law made me my own Evil Dead Necronomicon, you know, for fun. For the pages, I printed off the pages from the Evil Dead limited edition book of the dead DVDs. When I noticed that the symbols are actually words in English, in some kind of code and I have translated it the best I can. Here they are page by page from the Evil Dead DVD to the Army of Darkness DVD.

Necronomicon Page 1-2

“Dedicated to those who bled for The Evil Dead and their friends, family and fans TS (Tom Sullivan).”

Necronomicon Page 3-4

 “Employees must wash hands before returning to work place thanks.”

“Bow down before me and beg. Hey, it’s Sam (Raimi).”

Necronomicon Page 5-6

“Raw, medium, well.”

“Getta load flying deadites, Tom must be psychic.”

Necronomicon Page 7-8

For you scholars out there this is the ancient language of bullskrit aka as font of the dead I hope you enjoy decoding this as much as I did. Your ad here (the one in the center). Read on.”

“I can draw skulls all day long”

Necronomicon Page 9-10

“Visit lovely Kandar Castle.”

“Not scientifically accurate. Gross huh?”

Necronomicon Page 11-12

“Been reel kids, make movies not war”

Necronomicon Page 13-14

“Lets not go here okay, icky”

“Ask Tom the secret”

Necronomicon Page 15-16

“Bruce: master thespian. I say so.”

“I think Ed has reached a latex point”

Necronomicon Page 17-18

“Hail to the king baby”

“Help me I’m burning what a world. Anybody?”

Necronomicon Page 19-20

“Don’t over water. Bad”

“Rotton apple head, a face full of smiles”

Necronomicon Page 21-22

“In Australia, vortexs rotate the other direction, another fun faq. So that’s what a Q looks like.”

“Lick the blood of my shovel.”

Necronomicon Page 23-24

“Dedicated to deadites and S-Mart employees everywhere”


“He’s gonna hurl.”

“I’ll swallow your soul”

Necronomicon Page 25-26

“Skin decomposes so there have been many covers”

“Don’t eat, its bitsy people. It gets complicated.”

Necronomicon Page 27-28

“Talk to the hand”

“Hail to the king”

Necronomicon Page 29-30

“Not shopping S-Mart.”

“She looks very hungry.”

Necronomicon Page 31-32

“Blowed up real good.”

“Years after his victory and disappearance this artifact was found dropped by the promised one his rank and access to a magical realm.”

This the best I can make out of the code, but it was fun. If you think there is a mistranslation, let me know, I’m not a 100% sure myself.