Evil Dead Book of the Dead Limited Edition DVD Secret Codes

I took on a new project lately. My brother-in-law made me my own Evil Dead Necronomicon, you know, for fun. For the pages, I printed off the pages from the Evil Dead limited edition book of the dead DVDs. When I noticed that the symbols are actually words in English, in some kind of code and I have translated it the best I can. Here they are page by page from the Evil Dead DVD to the Army of Darkness DVD.

Necronomicon Page 1-2

“Dedicated to those who bled for The Evil Dead and their friends, family and fans TS (Tom Sullivan).”

Necronomicon Page 3-4

 “Employees must wash hands before returning to work place thanks.”

“Bow down before me and beg. Hey, it’s Sam (Raimi).”

Necronomicon Page 5-6

“Raw, medium, well.”

“Getta load flying deadites, Tom must be psychic.”

Necronomicon Page 7-8

For you scholars out there this is the ancient language of bullskrit aka as font of the dead I hope you enjoy decoding this as much as I did. Your ad here (the one in the center). Read on.”

“I can draw skulls all day long”

Necronomicon Page 9-10

“Visit lovely Kandar Castle.”

“Not scientifically accurate. Gross huh?”

Necronomicon Page 11-12

“Been reel kids, make movies not war”

Necronomicon Page 13-14

“Lets not go here okay, icky”

“Ask Tom the secret”

Necronomicon Page 15-16

“Bruce: master thespian. I say so.”

“I think Ed has reached a latex point”

Necronomicon Page 17-18

“Hail to the king baby”

“Help me I’m burning what a world. Anybody?”

Necronomicon Page 19-20

“Don’t over water. Bad”

“Rotton apple head, a face full of smiles”

Necronomicon Page 21-22

“In Australia, vortexs rotate the other direction, another fun faq. So that’s what a Q looks like.”

“Lick the blood of my shovel.”

Necronomicon Page 23-24

“Dedicated to deadites and S-Mart employees everywhere”


“He’s gonna hurl.”

“I’ll swallow your soul”

Necronomicon Page 25-26

“Skin decomposes so there have been many covers”

“Don’t eat, its bitsy people. It gets complicated.”

Necronomicon Page 27-28

“Talk to the hand”

“Hail to the king”

Necronomicon Page 29-30

“Not shopping S-Mart.”

“She looks very hungry.”

Necronomicon Page 31-32

“Blowed up real good.”

“Years after his victory and disappearance this artifact was found dropped by the promised one his rank and access to a magical realm.”

This the best I can make out of the code, but it was fun. If you think there is a mistranslation, let me know, I’m not a 100% sure myself.


2 thoughts on “Evil Dead Book of the Dead Limited Edition DVD Secret Codes

  1. Thy says:

    I’m a fan of Evil Dead film, interested the design of the book from this movie. I really wish to get that book for my collection, but I dont know where to buy or how to get it? Thank

    • I hate to tell you this, but I found these pictures online when I was making my own homemade book. These pages are from the limited edition Evil Dead limited edition DVDs. I’ve never owned them or know where to buy them.

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