AVP: Alien vs. Predator: What Could’ve Made It Better?

See, I liked the first Alien vs. Predator, despite its overwhelming flaws. Do I think it could’ve been a better film. Yes. I think Anderson should’ve gotten another writer to help him make it a better film.

This is what I would’ve probably done different.

First of all, don’t set it on Earth, apparently some people don’t like that, and especially don’t set it in modern times.

I would’ve set it after Aliens when Lance Henriksen would play an executive of Weyland-Yutani, maybe even the man who designed the Bishop android. Weyland-Yutani would’ve discovered a beacon leading to a pyramid on another planet with features reminiscent of the Aztec, Cambodian, and Egyptian, believing it to be from an alien race that taught these cultures 1000s of years ago. He would assemble a team to investigate, along with Colonial Marines for security hoping to find it before someone else does. They go in and find an old colony that was happened after everyone disappeared over night and find the pyramid. “Let’s make history.” They would go in, unaware that the Predators set them as a trap to lure humans to the pyramid. The humans would find the sacrificial chamber with primitive people, believing the “ancient aliens” brought them there as sacrifices. The Predators would arrive, the humans would find the guns in the sarcophagus, upon removing them, the pyramid would imprison them in the room and they’d lose contact with the ones in the sacrificial chamber, who got facehugged. The characters would think that Henriksen is hiding something from them, like he knows something he’s not telling them. They would be imprisoned for 24 hours, time lapsed of course, until the pyramid finally changes and they leave the room only to encounter the Aliens and the Predators. They find out that Weyland set them up, he knew about the Aliens and the Predators they whole time and was hoping to capture the Aliens and take the Predator technology back to Wey-Yu. You could probably keep everything else just changed in this manner. I know a lot of people didn’t like the human/Predator team up, but I liked it cause it was just like in the original comic book.

That’s how I would rewrite it, I think that would’ve made it a better movie. Feel free to disagree.


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