Power Rangers Reboot

After watching that Power/Rangers short film by the producer of Dredd (one of my favorites) it got me thinking, maybe a Power Rangers reboot could work, if done right and more down-to-Earth. You know, make it more adult, PG-13 adult, not like R-Rated short film that they made. I mean I think it could be done right and it could be fun. I had heard the writers of X-Men First Class are involved, which is good because they redeemed the X-Men franchise after the disasters that were Last Stand and Origins: Wolverine. It got my brain thinking about how I would do one.

What I would do is tell the story of the original characters from the beginning, they’d be martial arts students and they are pretty good at it, their rival would be Tommy, and we all know where he’d go. Maybe they could redo the idea of the Rita, maybe even Zedd who would be rewaken from their prison on the moon. They would invade the planet and we would be helpless to stop them. Our heroes would become a resistance of few, you know, like Red Dawn to fight back. When they meet the robot Alpha who introduces them to Zordon, a former scientist who after dying of cancer hooked his body up to a machine to prolong his life. He discovered a powerful, programable element he found in meteorites that would adapt with any object it touches which he used to create the armor, the weapons, and the Zords, named after himself of course. He would offer them this power to fight the invaders because he believed they are worthy to wield it after watching them try to defend their world. They would become the Power Rangers and fight Zedd and Rita with their weapons and the Zords, but the Zords can only be used unless very necessary cause it uses so much power. Maybe Zedd is searching for another powerful artifact, similar to the Infinity Stones in the Marvel movies that would make him unstoppable.

As for the Green Ranger, we’d save him for the sequel.

But that how I would do it, I’d have to do more research to get it right, it could be fun. Who knows what they got planned, we’ll just have to see if they do it right. I hate to compare it to the Transformers movies, but they did take a child oriented series and made it more adult. I mean the first was good in my opinion.


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