In case you don’t know, I wrote my own trilogy of Aliens, Predator, and AVP stories for fun. My Aliens scripts included stories of Newt grown up, along with Hicks, and Ripley who appears in the 3rd and final script, and my 3rd Predator story brought back Dutch. I made some major rewrites to the scripts to exclude these characters because I felt the actors aren’t gonna be around much longer to play them. I had to change all my scripts and all my fan art, which was a long and hard process. But then I realized that casting is not my job, my job was to tell a good story and thinking that a long time from now it might be okay to recast them, unless studios tell me to rewrite them to exclude them. Anywho, people might think that it’s almost sacrilege to recast iconic roles like Ripley or Dutch, but it might just happen. For example, Superman Returns, which is a sequel to Superman 2, recast the entire cast of the original Superman movies. Might be a bad example, but they still did it. Even right now, George Miller, who did the original Mad Max trilogy is coming back for a 4th Mad Max with Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson in the title role. He stated he recast him because Gibson was too old.

So what do you think, can you see in the next few years someone else playing Ripley or someone else playing one of Schwarzenegger’s role? Cause Schwarzenegger has only been recast once, and that was Terminator Salvation. I feel that if a studio wants to make more movies they’ll recast them, and it could work, Tom Hardy looks promising in Mad Max. I did a lot of fan art with Summer Glau as Newt for my fan fictions, my friend made a joke that by the time my scripts ever get made, Summer Glau would probably be better off playing Ripley. I can see that.