Jurassic World Sequel

I just saw Jurassic World. I liked it a lot. I was on the edge of my seat, I was in ah through the whole thing, it reinvented my love for Jurassic Park. I mean, I never hated Lost World or 3, I actually liked them, but this is far superior to the two of them combined. Now I want to see more, I hear they’re planning sequels. This is what I would probably do due to what I saw in this movie:


Those of you who have seen the movie saw that InGen is trying to profit from the dinosaurs by turning them into weapons, theme parks are over, weapons are the new thing. We saw that Dr. Wu and the embryos were evacuated from the island and Hoskins says that InGen will come back from this. So what can they do with that?

So here’s the idea. What if Dr. Wu starts breeding the dinosaurs on the mainland, somewhere that has plenty of jungle and close, but not too close, to a major city. I’m picturing Las Vegas right now, but I’m sure we could come up with something better. They’re breeding them to sell as weapons, from triceratops’s brutal horns to a T-rex’s massive teeth. But somehow they get loose, maybe outsmarted by a raptor. The dinosaurs escape and are adapting to their new environment and looking for food. With this being bad for InGen’s publicity and the safety of anyone the dinosaurs hurt, they need to round them all up, so they turn to the only one who can, Owen (Chris Pratt). At first he tells them to go to hell saying he doesn’t wanna clean up their mess, but then agrees because he wants to keep people from getting hurt. So he is teamed up with a squad of ultimate badasses to round up the dinosaurs before they get to a populated area. But that’s only Act 1, Act 2 is when the dinosaurs get to a populated area and they’re trapped in the city with no way out, so our heroes must abort the plan and figure out how to evacuate the city.

I like it cause it sounds like a Dinosaur Hunter story. I think it would be fun, that’s probably how I would do it. I’m sure they got a better idea. It would be kinda great to bring in Grant and Malcolm, but like the reason they weren’t in this one, they probably wouldn’t get involved. I mean they could want to help, I don’t know, I’m sure it can get along without them. One thing I would do is include the spinosaurus again, but unlike the third one, the spinosaurus wouldn’t take the spotlight. I always wanted a T-rex and spino rematch. Say what you want about the spino, it was still a real dinosaur and a nice addition, the only mistake they made was giving him all of the rex’s scenes.


Was anyone expecting the kids in Jurassic World to find the raptor Lex and Tim locked in the freezer, frozen solid for a jump scare.