How I Would Change Star Wars Prequels

I recently watched some videos about guys who think they would’ve fixed the Star Wars prequels. I mean, I really don’t hate the prequels, I mean they are inferior to the original movies but I really don’t have any ill will toward them. What really irks me are these people who don’t like Yoda using a lightsaber, cause I thought it was great. I mean, almost every Revenge of the Sith fan edit I’ve looked at cut out Yoda fighting the Emperor. I love that scene.

Anywho, see the only real thing I would’ve change in the prequels is first of all, I would take out Midiclorians and just say that Anikan was really strong with the Force and might have been conceived by it. Also say that Darth Plagus could manipulate the Force to create life and save those from dying instead of the Midiclorians.

I would change the dialogue between Anikan and Padme, didn’t bother me, but people were.

I would completely remove Count Dooku and replace him with Darth Maul, have him survive Phantom Menace and make him the lead villain of the prequels until Anikan kills him in Revenge of the Sith. It also works cause I like the idea of Obi-Wan tempted to seek revenge for Qui-Gan’s death despite the fact that he’s a Jedi and shouldn’t.

Remove Jar-Jar. He never bothered me, but everyone hates him and I’m fine with removing him.

Make Anikan slightly older in Phantom Menace instead of him being child compared to Padme.

But mostly, the real thing is change a little bit of the plot of Phantom Menace. I didn’t like the trade dispute. What I liked about Attack of the Clones were the Separatists and I thought the plot of the Separatists was something that should’ve began in Phantom Menace. I think the prequels should’ve started with the Separatists leaving the Republic and becoming like the Nazis and beginning their reign on occupying Nabboo. But the Republic doesn’t really consider it a threat or don’t wanna get involved with it like how we didn’t get involved in World War II until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I was thinking it would be like Magnificent Seven.

Also, wouldn’t say Padme lost the will to live, like maybe Anikan accidentally hurt her when he Force choked her.

Take out the scene where 3PO switches heads with a Battle Droid.

This is just a small thing, but I had this idea where Anikan and Padme discuss names for their child. I like the idea that they talk about if they have a boy they’d name him Luke and if it is a girl they’d name it Leia. I just thought that Padme came up the names so quickly.

Also, I would’ve made the lightsaber fight between Obi-Wan and Grievous made a lot more intense, cause he’s always a badass in every expanded universe but in Revenge of the Sith he was taken down so easily. I expected more from the guy with four lightsabers and robot arms.

One problem I had with the prequels is how Leia has memory of her mother when Padme died when she was born or how she remembers her and Luke doesn’t. (Shrugs) Don’t know how to fix that.

Another problem I had with the prequels is Jango Fett being the host of the Clone Army for the Republic and the assassin for the Separatists. I mean, wouldn’t they have just figured out that he was hired by the same person to do both?  I don’t know how to change that, the only thing I can assume is that they figured he’s a bounty hunter and just doesn’t have a side in the matter and hired by the Republic for the Clone Army and by Gunray to kill Padme.

I know you guys think I should change more, but really again, the prequels just didn’t bother me as much. I actually like them a lot.


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