Last Stand Killed the X-Men Franchise

I just realized that the X-Men franchise really went to Hell when they made the Last Stand. Don’t get me wrong, I love First Class and Days of Future Past, but most of those movies suffer from them salvaging the damage that was caused in Last Stand.

First of all, my dream X-Men team are Wolverine (of course) Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler (he’s my favorite), Rogue, Iceman, Beast, Kitty Pryde, maybe Colossus. But X3 killed Professor X, Jean, and Cyclops, Nightcrawler didn’t come back for X3, Kitty Pryde and Iceman only really shined in 3 and that movie sucked, Colossus was barely there, Beast was only good in First Class and Future Past, and Rogue should’ve been more useful, like make her copy a mutant’s strength and flight like the comics.

Again, I don’t hate First Class and Future Past, it’s just like the old X-Men, I don’t really know these other X-Men like Havok, Darwin, Banshee, Angel, and such.

I just wish I had the old X-Men back. But all that was destroyed because of X-Men 3 and after Future Past it seems like they’ve closed the book on them for good. Who do I blame more, Singer for leaving X-Men to do Superman Returns (yuck!), Hailey Berry for her stupid demands which probably led to them killing off all those characters, or Brett Ratner for being the wrong director.

We and the franchise all would’ve been better off if they did something better for the 3rd movie.


Wish Terminator Genisys would’ve done the same thing Future Past did for the franchise, instead they had to do something confusing that still baffles me to this day.


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