Shocker Reboot

I’ve been thinking about the movie Shocker by Wes Craven. I thought it was a great concept, but poor execution. I love the idea of a ghost killer who could come back through electricity to get revenge on those who sent him to the chair.

But the thing I didn’t like about it that didn’t make sense to me, was the main character being clairvoyant or something or the idea of his girlfriend’s ghost helping him. Most of all, how was her necklace his weakness?

I think the movie is one of those horror movies that could benefit from a reboot to make it more interesting and because of modern times, technology has evolved immensely that it could work better.

One thing I’d change was have the main character merely be a witness to Pinker’s crimes instead of him having a vision of him, and maybe there’d be other witnesses. But since they don’t use the chair anymore, we’d have to improvise. I heard of a prison that still has an electric chair, that they keep it in case the law changes where they can use it again. Like, maybe the cops think he’s too much a of monster to die humanely, so they hook him up to the old chair and electrocute him. So he’s also going after the cops, maybe the cops’ kids. Also the main character has to protect his girlfriend as oppose to her dying. I have this vision of electric appliances coming to life, but that might be a little cheesy. I kinda liked the idea in the original movie when the main character and Pinker go inside the TV, but that might not work now a days.

I think this would be a great reboot. But who should play Pinker? I would like Jackie Earl Haley, maybe Jeffery Dean Morgan. Yes, I’m a Watchmen fan. This is just what I would do.