I wanna talk about something I like. I love Slashers, but I also Whodunnits. Slashers are cool to see monsters movies about big guys with masks or small guys with scars or unique weapons, real or supernatural monsters killing people. But I love Whodunnits cause I love when it’s a mystery of “who is behind that mask?” Scream is the best example of a Slasher/Whodunit who has succeeded, critically and financially. There have been other Slasher/Whodunits, like Urban Legend 1 and 2, My Bloody Valentine the original and the remake, Prom Night, Terror Train (which I haven’t seen yet), The Town That Dreaded Sundown Reboot, or even Psycho II, which after recently seeing, wasn’t all that bad. There are other Slashers like Friday the 13th or I Know What You Did Last Summer, but those really don’t count, considering that the killer isn’t someone you can guess. I heard that they’re actually remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer, maybe it will actually be a whodunnit. I mean, I don’t know the basic plot of the new movie, but it could be same basic principle, teens get into an accident, end up killing someone, cover it up, and then someone starts stalking them saying he knows what they did and killing them one by one. And the best part, the killer is someone you can actually guess. That would be fun to me. I read up on some of the book, found out how it could’ve made both a good slasher and a whodunnit. Everything about it was fine, until we find out the killer wasn’t someone we’ve met prior. Where’s the fun in that? Unfortunately, they’re not gonna make it like the novel, so I don’t know how they’re gonna do it. Point is, I wanna see more Slasher/Whodunnits, they’re more fun that way. I guess I like them so much because I love slashers, and I grew up watching mysteries with my dad. God I miss those days.